Killer Kops & Mr. Spock

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30 little known facts about America

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Copwatch Points to ponder

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Al Franken/Hippocrates or hypocrisy?

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Radical Fliers & David Icke video

Here is also a link to an interesting video on youtube by David Icke

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Angry nun with a gun after pedophile catholic priests!

Part1 of my video interview with sister Jane Kelly

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* Nov 19, 2010

Thanksgiving for the Living

Thanksgiving for the Living

the past couldn’t last so be forgiving

we all be Children of Creator

unto the innocent be NOW Liberator

don’t be a turkey so set them free

Almighty Love means Solidarity

with all Loving Sentients upon the Earth

True Hearts to burn inside for Spirit’s Re-Birth

We NOW claim the Promised Land

and know it began by the Hand

of the Vegan

* Nov 17, 2010

General Strike for FREEDOM

Today is November 17th, 2010….welcome to my message site……….give yourself an hour or two

and here is WHY…….the Matrix has spent your entire life lying to you thru the media, religion and educational system….2 hours will show YOU information they don’t want you to be clear about………….especially to find out how POWERFUL you truly are……….I am a 1st Hand Witness to the Mumia Abu Jamal case

and the fact that Arnold Beverly’s confession/affidavit is truthful/accurate. My

affidavit has been sent Certified mail to US Attorney Eric Holder and the US Supreme Court (only to verify to you that) a) they don’t care…and b) they work for the Usurist Banks

(Goldman Sachs,Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc)

I personally challenged Obama 6 months before he was “placed” into the “presidency”

in front of 900 people at the Marin Vets Hall

saying “Will you be releasing Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal if elected ? He replied “This is not the time for these matters”(as I was picked up by 4 guards and tossed) Four other presidential candidates Cynthia McKinney

Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul all said “YES” they would release them. Most all writings are my own with few WORTHY exceptions and they are very good educational

and currently VERY pertinent topics….the Matrix has implemented dozens of psyoptic

intrusions upon a persons ability to read and comprehend…..a zillion electronic gadgets which also serve as “subliminal, sub-phonic” message delivery systems….are any of you familiar w/ “short attention span theatre”

Just about everyone is pissed about some

problem or another RIGHT ? All these problems stem primarily from the Usurist Bankers RIGHT ? they run this country, they own this country……..the only thing to stop them is the only thing they CANNOT handle

which Be the General Strike RIGHT ? A STRIKE by a LOVE so Fierce…all illusions sure to Pierce……………..peter

* Nov 16, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Judicial Process by Gary Hunt

Some Thoughts on the Judicial Process

Gary Hunt

Outpost of Freedom

November 16, 2001


If you watch a child grow, you see every stage of that child’s life and cannot really discern the transition from infant to adult, except upon reflection.

If, however, you are introduced to an adult, you have no means by which to recognize the infancy and growth to the point where you have met.

Of course, if you look at a scrapbook, carefully prepared by a doting mother, though you will not have an entire picture of those many transitions of life, you will be able to begin to understand the foundation that brought that person from infancy to adulthood.

Our legal system is introduced to us in much the same way.ˇ˝ When we first become aware of what the entire judicial system is, we acquire most of our understanding from both the television and schooling.ˇ˝ We tend not to look for that scrapbook; rather, we accept what we are taught, at face value.

If we are among the older observers, we might recognize that there has been a lot of ‘growing’ in that judicial system since we were first introduced to it, though we tend to accept those changes as necessary, since we still rely upon television or other media, even the courts, to determine what course this system should take.

We understand those changes to be a result of progress.ˇ˝ Progress, however, is a rather interesting word, though we seldom give much thought to what it really means.

We can progress in our studies, with the objective of an education and a degree to be the goal of that progress.ˇ˝ If we make progress in a trip, we know that we are getting closer to a destination, with the goal being a location which course was set out at the beginning of our journey.ˇ˝ As we progress through life, our destination is what we perceive to be the end result of that journey, most often defined as passing out of this life — a goal which might not be sought though it is inevitable.ˇ˝ We can clearly see, then, that progress has in mind a goal — a purpose for the pursuit of that progression.

So, let’s return to the progress we see in the judicial system.ˇ˝ What, exactly, or even remotely, is the goal that we are pursuing?ˇ˝ Is it a higher degree of justice?ˇ˝ Perhaps a more equitable administration of justice.ˇ˝ Not much difference between the two, however, it is hard to conceive of a positive goal that would not pursue one or the other.

On the other hand, and, once again referring to the older amongst us, if we stop and look back at what has occurred in our lifetime, we can see that the changes that have occurred, though couched in the term of law and order, generate little semblance to a progression in that direction.

So, let’s see if we can find the scrapbooks that will give us a better picture of the transition, from the beginning to the present, of our American judicial system.

So as to develop a foundation upon which the judicial system was created, we will look, first, at the Constitution.


In the Preamble, the Constitution sets forth the authority and responsibility of the government:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Establishing Justice is one of the principle objectives in the creation of both the government and the Union known as the United States of America.ˇ˝ Note that it does not say that it is to establish “Law”, rather, to establish “Justice”.ˇ˝ This is an important consideration in the transition from what was to what is.

Next, we can look at what created the federal judiciary, in Article III of the Constitution:

Section 1– “The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish….ˇ˝ ”

Section 2– “The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority…”

So, we have a supreme Court established as well as inferior courts that the Congress might “ordain and establish”.ˇ˝ We also see that the power of these courts “extends to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under” the Constitution and the Laws of the United States.ˇ˝ This, of course, would include all laws made pursuant to the Constitution, so, obviously, they cannot conflict with the Constitution.

Next, we find in Article III:

Section 2, clause 3– “The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.”

So, all crimes shall be tried by a jury (more later on the proper role of the jury) and we have the introduction of jurisdiction, whereby such trial “shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed”.

To understand what is meant by this limitation on jurisdiction, we need to look back at Article I

Section 8– “The Congress shall have Power …”

Clause 17 “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;…”

Note that the Congress has the power for “exclusive Legislation” only in the venue (geographic area where the injury or crime occurred) defined as Washington, D.C. (District – not exceeding ten Miles square), all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State (which, too, have to have cession of jurisdiction to be included in the exclusive legislative jurisdiction) for purposes related to government functions.ˇ˝ Land simply purchased by the government, without the State having granted jurisdiction, does not fall in this category.

It might be worthwhile to point out that the Supreme Court has recognized that there are three United States’, from a legal standpoint, when they ruled in Hooven & Allison Co. v. Evatt, [324 U.S. 652], when they declared that, “The term {United States} has several meanings.ˇ˝ It may be merely the name of the sovereign occupying the position analogous to that of other sovereigns in the family of nations, it may designate territory over which sovereignty of the United States extends, or it may be collective name of the states which are united by and under the Constitution.ˇ˝ “The lands described in Section 8, above, fall within the second definition, “territory over which sovereignty of the United States extends”.ˇ˝ It might also be worth noting that subsequent decisions extended that sovereignty over territories that have not become states.ˇ˝ The States which were members of the Union (the United States of America) fall, clearly, within the third definition.

The, in Article IV, we find a reference which suggests that the Common Law (more on that, later) is the means by which justice will be established.

Section 1– “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.ˇ˝ And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.”

“Full Faith and Credit”, this provides a means of establishing justice on an equitable, or, at least, relatively equal basis throughout the States.ˇ˝ This is a concept of common law, not of civil law.

The Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1971.ˇ˝ It was prefaced with an oft overlooked Preamble that included the following, to set forth its purpose:

“The Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.”

First, we find in Amendment IV:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

This protection evolves from what was practiced in England, and was ignored here, here, in colonial times..ˇ˝ William Pitt, a Member of Parliament said, in the House of Commons, “The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown.ˇ˝ It may be frail, its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storm may enter, the rain may enter — but the King of England cannot enter; all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!”ˇ˝ This might begin to explain that old adage; “a man’s home is his castle”.

Early on, well before the War of Independence, James Otis spoke out against Writs of Assistance.ˇ˝ A Writ of Assistance was, quite simply, a blanket search warrant.ˇ˝ It did not say exactly what was being looked for, nor, did it say exactly where it was to be looked for.ˇ˝ It might best be described as a “fishing expedition”, and was, without question, intolerable, in the eyes of the Framers.

The Oath or affirmation is a sworn statement of personal knowledge.ˇ˝ It is not third party, or hearsay, it is absolute knowledge.ˇ˝ That “John Doe told me that you robbed a bank” is only personal knowledge that “John Doe” told you something.ˇ˝ Only John Doe can swear to what you told him.

We are then provided the protections contained in Amendment V”

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”

So, we can see that the Framers were concerned over the power of the government to make arrests (held to answer), even in capital offenses (death penalty) or infamous crimes (felonies, which would be any crime that would include at least 1 year of imprisonment), unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.ˇ˝ The significance of the Grand Jury will become more apparent as we go on.

Next, we will visit Amendment VI:

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining Witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defence.”

So, here we have a guarantee of a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury (more on the petit jury, later), again, held where the crime was committed.ˇ˝ He is assured that he has a right o know the “nature and cause” of the accusation.ˇ˝ We also see that the right to confront all witnesses against the accused is assured and that he has a right to counsel (it does not say lawyer) for his defense.

Finally, within the Bill of Rights, we have Amendment VII:

“In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.”

This speaks for itself, except that it does say that the decision of thee jury may not be reexamined in any court.

There were subsequent amendments that had minor effect on the judiciary, though they are not worth mentioning.

What might be worthy of your consideration is that within the Federalist Papers, the arguments published in support of ratification of the Constitution, and, recognized as the best representation of the intent of that Constitution, mentions “courts of justice” eight times, though never once mentions a “courts of law.”

Common Law

To understand the Common Law is a rather complex study.ˇ˝ There have been numerous older books written on the subject.ˇ˝ Many recent claims that its foundation is on Christian or, Judeo-Christian principles is unfounded, though there is no doubt that these principles have influenced the course of Common Law.

In the earliest accounts, ordeal by fire was a means of judging, and, a person could not be compelled to enter the court (or, whatever forum was in use at the time).ˇ˝ That evolution had proceeded over 11 centuries when that Common Law, as it had evolved, was adopted by the new States who had come together under the banner of the United States of America.

Many old state statute books (perhaps some still do) included something similar to, “and adopt the common law of England as it existed on July 4, 1776”.ˇ˝ It was qualified that the common law so adopted could not be in conflict with the constitution or statutes.

So, in body, where not in conflict, and, in principle, the common law was adopted by all of the states except Louisiana (which had its Napoleonic Code).ˇ˝ Many state’s statutes have been revised to remove this reference, though we must wonder why.

To have a general understanding of the Common Law, sufficient to the purpose of this paper, we can look to Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition:

From Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition:

Common law.ˇ˝ As a distinguished from law created by the enactment of legislatures, the common law comprises the body of those principles and rules of action, relating to the governments and security of persons and property, which derive their authority solely from usages and customs of a immemorial antiquity, or from the judgments and decrees of the courts recognizing, affirming, and enforcing such usages and customs; and, in this sense, particularly the ancient unwritten law of England.ˇ˝ The “common law” is all the statutory and case law background of England and the American colonies before the American revolution.ˇ˝

Common-law consists of those principles, usages and rules of action applicable to government and security of persons and property which do not rest for their authority upon any express and positive declaration of the will of the legislature.

As distinguished from ecclesiastical law, it is the system of jurisprudence administered by the purely secular tribunals.

California civil code, section 22.2, provides that the “common law of England, so far as it is not repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, or the Constitution or laws of this State, is the rule of decisions in all the courts of this State.”

In a broad sense, “common law” may designate all that part of the positive law, juristic theory, and ancient custom of any state or nation which is of general and universal application, thus marking off special or local rules or customs.

Judge.ˇ˝ An officer so named in his commission, who presides in some court; a public officer, appointed to preside and to administer the law in a court of justice; the chief member of a court, and charged with the control of proceedings and the decisions of questions of law or discretion.

“Judge”, “justice”, and “court” are often used synonymously or interchangeably.

Preside.ˇ˝ To occupy the place of authority as of president, chairman, moderator, etc.ˇ˝ To direct, control or regulate proceedings as chief officer, moderator, etc.ˇ˝ To posses or exercise authority.ˇ˝ To preside over a court is to “hold” it.ˇ˝ — to direct, control and govern it as the chief officer.ˇ˝ A judge may “preside” whether sitting as sole judge or as one of several judges.

Magistrate.ˇ˝ The term in its generic sense refers to a person clothed with power as a public civil officer, or the public civil officer invested with executive or judicial power.

U. S. magistrates.ˇ˝ A judicial officer, appointed by judges of federal DISTRICT courts, having some but not all of the powers of a judge.ˇ˝ In the federal district courts magistrates may conduct many of the preliminary or pre-trial proceedings in both civil and criminal cases.

Perhaps, form the above, you can begin to see what is relevant to the Common Law and what is not a part of the Common Law.

Properly, a Common Law Court (not those that you hear about on the news, rather, those which were acknowledged as our right, could only be deemed courts of justice.ˇ˝ A court of law is the administration of rules in an arbitrary manner and is based upon Roman Civil Law.

Common Law, then, is made more by the people and less by the government.ˇ˝ “How so?” you ask.ˇ˝ Well, to understand this we must look at who decides innocence or guilt, for that interpretation would tell us what crime really is.ˇ˝ The juries, both Grand and Petit, achieve this, in Common Law.

Grand Jury

Early reference to the Grand Jury process can be found in the Magna Carta (1215 AD), in Article 36, “In future nothing shall be paid or accepted for the issue of a writ of inquisition of life or limbs.ˇ˝ It shall be given gratis, and not refused.”

Grand juries have been described in numerous ways, over the centuries.ˇ˝ In 1694, Lord Somers described them as, “security of Englishmen’s lives”.ˇ˝ They have also been described as the “conserver if liberties” and “the noblest check upon the malice and oppression of individuals and states”.

From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

Jury, n.

A number of freeholders, selected in the manner prescribed by law, empanneled [sic] and sworn to inquire into and try any matter of fact, and to declare the truth on the evidence given them in the case.

Grand juries consist usually of twenty-four freeholders at least, and are summoned to try matters alleged in indictments.

The purpose they serve is to consider complaints (not limited to those submitted by the state, rather, the inclusion of any complaint against state officials), and determine whether a petit jury trial is warranted to determine innocence or guilt.

Through their history, Kings have enacted statutes that wrested control of the Grand Jury from the people and provided the King more leeway in prosecuting people, though these changes were apt to be turned over by outrage, violence, or even revolution.

They were not, as they are construed, now, especially on the federal level, simply an arm of government for the prosecution of people who violate laws.ˇ˝ They were instituted to determine if any crime, including a denial of rights, was committed, based upon investigation by the Grand Jury, itself, and having available to them the right to call any witness, including the accused, to determine if an indictment or true bill was warranted.

Once issued, the indictment or true bill could not be quashed and the matter had to go to trial.ˇ˝ Nowadays, many states and the federal government allow a prosecutor to refuse a true bill, denying a trial where the Grand Jury had called for it.ˇ˝ The best-known instance of this had to do with an FBI sniper named Ron Horiuchi, who was indicted by an Idaho Grand Jury under the charge of murder, based upon his killing of Vicki Weaver.ˇ˝ Probable cause was established by the Grand Jury, though the federal court usurped the authority of the State to try the case and moved it into federal jurisdiction.ˇ˝ The federal court then determined, contrary to the Idaho Grand Jury, that no crime had been committed and the accused never stood trial.

Each state has its own laws regarding grand juries, and they vary, often significantly.ˇ˝ The primary elements, however, used to include little or no control by government officers and gave broad inquisitorial powers to the jury.ˇ˝ Without these, they would not be safeguard to our liberties.

To fully understand the history and authority of grand juries in the United States, see an article by G. B. Edwards on “Essay on the Grand Jury in America” (1904), at the Outpost of Freedom Library.

Petit Jury

More often simply called “petty juries”, “trial juries”, “common juries”, or, just plain “juries”. These are the mainstay of a system of justice, and, can be a tool of oppression in a system of laws.

Here is how Webster’s 1828 Dictionary explains them:

Petty juries, consisting usually of twelve men, attend courts to try matters of fact in civil causes, and to decide both the law and the fact in criminal prosecutions.ˇ˝ The decision of a petty jury is called a verdict.

Notice that he said that this jury would decide “both the law and the fact”, not just the fact, as we are told, today.ˇ˝ And, understand that Webster’s definition is the same definition understood by the Framers when the mentioned juries in the Constitution.

Through our history, from John Peter Zenger, in 1735, where the jury rejected the law, to trials regarding salves, where juries refused to convict those who violated the laws regarding the return of slaves to their master, to during the Prohibition Era, where juries refused to convict many of those accused of “moon shining”, we have seen the jury reject law (which is often followed by the legislature overturning the law) when the facts presented clearly suggested a violation of that “law”.

The power to judge the law was an inherent right in the days of the Framers.ˇ˝ Since we are a self-governed people, the ultimate responsibility to judge what we must abide by MUST be in our hands, not the hands of those in government.

Here is how Lysander Spooner sets out the purpose of petit juries:

“FOR more than six hundred years that is, since Magna Carta, in 1215 there has been no clearer principle of English or American constitutional law, than that, in criminal cases, it is not only the right and duty of juries to judge what are the facts, what is the law, and what was the moral intent of the accused; but that it is also their right, and their primary and paramount duty, to judge of the justice of the law, and to hold all laws invalid, that are, in their opinion, unjust or oppressive, and all persons guiltless in violating, or resisting the execution of, such laws.”

To understand more about petit juries and jury trials, see the entire Lysander Spooner “Essay on Trial by Jury” (1852) at the Outpost of Freedom Library.


First, let’ look at what a court is, as perceived by the Framers, according to Webster’s 1828 Dictionary (irrelevant definitions excluded):

Court.ˇ˝ n.

3. A palace; the residence of a king or sovereign prince.

4. The hall, chamber or place where justice is administered.

5. Person who compose the retinue or council of a king or emperor.

6. The persons or judges assembled for hearing and deciding causes, civil, criminal, military, naval, or ecclesiastical: as a court of law; a court of chancery; a court martial; a court of admiralty; an ecclesiastical court’ court baron; &c.


7. Any jurisdiction, civil, military or ecclesiastical.

When we look at these definitions, we might wonder whether the meaning of the word (definition #4) as intended by the Framers is the one that the government has continued to operate on our behalf.

Courts, as they are perceived today, are tribunals intent on imposition of laws, fines and penalties, whose primary beneficiary is the State.ˇ˝ Restitution, “making whole” of a victim of a crime, is left to the victim.ˇ˝ If he has insurance, he has paid for the privilege of restitution; if he has none, then he must bear his loss.

This raises the question as to whether the courts that we have become familiar with are those same courts that the Framers intended for their Posterity.

As mentioned earlier, the Federalist Papers recognized “courts of justice”, though they made no mention of “courts of law”.

Courts of Justice are “The hall, chamber or place where justice is administered”.ˇ˝ They would include the grand and petit juries, as intended, and would have consideration of any injury, whether imposed by a private individual or a government official.

Courts of law, on the other hand, are courts of punishment.ˇ˝ They are intended to force the will of the government on the people and endeavor to impress upon all the consequences of violation of the government’s rules.

It is true that there are beneficial results couched in these forums of obedience, where truly bad people are sent to prison, though, often, those truly bad people are back on the streets in a short period of time, to redo their misdeeds.

It is also true that those in government who do misdeeds under color of law [“The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right” – Black’s Law Dictionary] are, for the most part, exempt from any criminal prosecution, regardless of whether their crime is simple, as a misdemeanor, or capital, as murder.

We need to return to courts of justice, and remove the taint of obedience to the King through courts of law from our landscape.ˇ˝ Without such change, we will remain vassals in the country of our birthright, which our forefathers were willing to give their lives to assure to us.


Crime is a word that can be defined in many ways, today.ˇ˝ However, when crime is coupled with justice, the definition narrows considerably.ˇ˝ From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

Crime.ˇ˝ n,

1.ˇ˝ An act which violates a law, divine or human; an act which violates a rule of moral duty; an offense against the laws of right, prescribed by God or man, or against any rule of duty plainly implied in those laws.ˇ˝ A crime may consist in omission or neglect, as well as in commission, or positive transgression.ˇ˝ The commander of a fortress who suffers the enemy to take possession by neglect, is as really criminal, as one who voluntarily opens the gate without resistance.

But in a more common and restricted sense, a crime denotes an offence, or a violation of public law, of a deeper and more atrocious nature; a public a wrong; or a violation of the commands of God, and the offenses against the laws made to preserve the public rights; as treason, murder, robbery, theft, arson, &c.ˇ˝ The minor wrongs committed against individuals or private rights, are denominated trespasses, and the minor wrongs against public rights are called misdemeanors.ˇ˝ Crimes and misdemeanors are punishable by indictment, information or public prosecution; trespasses or private injuries, at the suit of the individuals injured.ˇ˝ But in many cases an act is considered both as a public offense and a trespass, and is punishable both by the public and the individual injured.

2. Any great wickedness; iniquity; wrong.

Capital crime, a crime punishable with death.

The Framers, when they devised the Constitution, the document that defined just what powers the new government was to have, were very cautious in what was perceived as crime.ˇ˝ Of what they did perceive, there were two types of crime envisioned.ˇ˝ First would be those that were to secure rights and protect individuals from transgressions by others.ˇ˝ These provide the authority to pass laws which would give a source of recourse to those offended by another.ˇ˝ An example would be Article I, Section 8, clause 8, the power “[t]o promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries, which provided legal recourse if others violated that right.

The other is those activities that threaten the government directly.ˇ˝ Of this second class, in their wisdom, they were only able to define three crimes of this nature:

Article I, Section 8, clause 6, “To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.”

Article I, Section 8, clause 10, “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations”.

Article III, Section III, clause 2, “The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.”

Though they were given powers to enact other laws, it is apparent that they had determined that crimes against the state were the only crimes that could be defined by the federal government, except while in military service, or in service to the government — those being employees or officers of the government).

Crime is, by its nature, an offense, whether that offense be against another individual or against the public [understand that public is not the government, it is the people — see Charity and General Welfare].ˇ˝ When against an individual, a damage or injury would be the result.ˇ˝ When done against the public, it can only be appropriate to a crime that affects those within a limited community, for, how can it be an offense against someone in another state, or even another county, if committed in this county?ˇ˝ If it is too broad in its coverage, it is an attempt by a few (those who legislate) to dictate how others may live their lives.ˇ˝ This, in concept, is contrary to the ideals of self-government, and is indicative of an attempt at social engineering.

When the ability of any legislature to impose upon larger bodies of people the will, whatever the incentive, that power will grow in its effect and administration until the large body of people come under abject subjugation.ˇ˝ When carried to the next logical step in the subjugation and oppression of the people, even the remotest possibility of someone committing a crime becomes a crime, in itself.ˇ˝ (See Thought Crimes)

When determining what crime really is, when the activity causes a damage or injury, laws instituted to punish that crime make sense, so long as the leave the discretion of punishment to the jury.

However, when laws, by their very nature, create crime, which does not result in loss or injury, the laws, themselves, have become the crime.ˇ˝ The laws result in injury or loss where none existed, absent the law, when the accused has, then, become the victim.


Arrest is nothing less than denial of liberty.ˇ˝ Liberty was one of the major maxims for the War of Independence.ˇ˝ It, unlike freedom, is best defined as being free, where freedom, generally, has to do with not being obligated or enslaved.

Let’s look at how these two words would be perceived by the Framers, from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

Arrest v.t.

1. To obstruct; to stop; to check or hinder motion; as, to arrest the current of a river; to arrest the senses.

2. To take, seize or apprehend by virtue of a warrant from authority; as, to arrest one for debt or for a crime.

Arrest, n.

1. The taking or apprehending of a person by virtue of a warrant from authority.ˇ˝ An arrest is made by seizing or touching the body.

2. Any seizure, or taking by power, physical or moral.

3. A stop, hindrance or restraint.

4. In law, an arrest of judgment is the staying or stopping of a judgment after verdict, for causes assigned.ˇ˝ Courts have power to arrest judgment for intrinsic causes appearing upon the face of the record; as when the declaration varies from the original writ; when the verdict differs materially from the pleadings; or when the case laid in the declaration is not sufficient in point of law, to found an action upon.ˇ˝ The motion for this purpose is called a motion in arrest of judgment.

Freedom, n. A state of exemption from the power or control of another; liberty; exemption from slavery, servitude or confinement.

Liberty, n.

1. Freedom from restraint, in a general sense, and applicable to the body, or to the will or mind.ˇ˝ The body is at liberty, when not confined; the will or mind is at liberty, when not checked or controlled.ˇ˝ A man enjoys liberty, when no physical force a operates to restrain his actions or are volitions.

2.ˇ˝ Natural liberty, consists in the power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, except from the laws of nature.ˇ˝ It is a state of exemption from the control of others, and from positive laws and the institutions of social life.ˇ˝ This liberty is abridged by the establishment of governments.

3.ˇ˝ Civil liberty, is the liberty of men in a state of society are, or natural liberty, so far only abridged and restrained, as is necessary and expedient for the safety and interest of the society, state or nation.ˇ˝ A restraint of natural liberty, not necessary or expedient for the public, is tyranny or oppression.ˇ˝ Civil liberty is an exemption from the arbitrary will of others, which exemption is secured by established laws, which restrain every man from injuring or controlling another.ˇ˝ Hence the restraints of law are essential to civil liberty.

The liberty of one depends not so much on the removal of all restraint from him, as on the due restraint upon the liberty of others.

ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ˇ˝ Ames

In this sentence, the letter word liberty denotes natural liberty.

4.ˇ˝ Political liberty, is sometimes used as synonymous with civil liberty.ˇ˝ But it more properly designates the liberty of a nation, the freedom of a nation or state from all unjust abridgment of its rights and independence by another nation.ˇ˝ Hence we often speak of the political liberties of Europe, or in the nations of Europe.

5.ˇ˝ Religious liberty, is the free right of adopting and enjoying opinions on religious subjects, and of worshipping the Supreme Being according to the dictates of conscience, without external control.ˇ˝

Clearly, then, when someone is arrested, he is restrained of his liberty, as well as having his freedom removed.ˇ˝ It is liberty, then, that is offended when one is arrested.ˇ˝ This, according to the Constitution, can only occur when warranted (warrant), which can only be issued by a jury, grand or petit, or by “Probable cause supported by Oath or affirmation” [Article IV, Bill of Rights].ˇ˝ There have been some exception, under the Constitution, such as allowing a person to be arrested to stop the completion of a felony [John Bad Elk v. US, 177 U.S. 529 (1900)].

Now, if the arrest was made and no indictment by a Grand Jury, the person who sought the warrant was liable for false arrest. After al, he denied the accused his liberty and could not prove his claim.

To begin to see the child that we have not been able to see grow, and must piece together the transition to what we accept as lawful, today, we can review what arrest was treated like by the United States Supreme Court in 1900.

John Bad Elk was told that he was under arrest by deputies, though they had no warrant for his arrest.ˇ˝ One of the deputies had a gun, but did not raise it to threaten John Bad Elk, though the means of threat of force to restrain liberty were present.ˇ˝ John Bad Elk shot and killed the deputy and was convicted of murder.ˇ˝ The case then went to the Supreme Court where the Court ruled that, absent a lawful warrant, John Bad Elk had every right to shoot and kill the officer who was trying to restrain his liberty — that it would be a misdemeanor, or not crime, at all.ˇ˝ (See The Right to Self Defense).

As astounding as they may appear to us, today, if we understand just what was intended, perhaps we can return to true freedom and liberty.

Can you imagine a world where the government hardly ever made an arrest?ˇ˝ Where if an arrest had to be made, the person filing the complaint was responsible for making the arrest?ˇ˝ Where the person making the complaint need simply go to a Justice of the Peace, a magistrate, or the Sheriff, swear out an affidavit, and get the arrest warrant?ˇ˝ Where he gathered a posse of citizens, and even the Sheriff, if he chose to, to make the arrest?ˇ˝ Where justice was administered not by the government, but, by the people, themselves?

Considering the apparent gross disparity between what we have today versus that which was, and that which we should still have, proof of that stated in the above paragraph, is even more lost in childhood.

More information can be found at Are Cops Constitutional?

The ability to arrest, as you will learn from the above references, was reserved to the people, not to the government.ˇ˝ Government was not allowed to restrain our liberty without the consent of at least a small body of people who were not a part of that government, or an individual who had been wronged and was willing to “swear out an arrest warrant”..


To understand what an indictment is, we will refer to Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

Indictment, n.

The written accusation or formal charge of a crime or misdemeanor, preferred by a grand jury under oath to a court.

2.ˇ˝ The paper or parchment containing the accusation of a grand jury.ˇ˝

Once the Grand Jury issues an indictment, it is indicative of the determination of “probable cause” for the accused to stand trial.ˇ˝ At trial, the accused will have the rights, protected by the Constitution, for a speedy and public trial with the right to meet the accuser and call the witnesses.

By the Constitution, there is no other means by which one can be held to answer to a criminal charge.ˇ˝ What is generally known as an “information” does not satisfy those judicial protections provided for in the Constitution.


Amendment VII (bill of Rights provides, as explained earlier, that, “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial”,

This does not preclude the accused agreeing to be tried at the “bench”, where the judge sits as the jury, though it does guarantee his right to insist on the jury trial.ˇ˝ In either case, the other rights, as to witnesses, etc., is not diminished.ˇ˝ This, however, is the only instance where the judge becomes the trier of facts and law.

So, we have both civil and criminal trials before juries.ˇ˝ Interestingly, we have been raised to believe that the judge is senior to the jury and can overrule them; can instruct them, with an extensive checklist, what they must do to determine innocence or guilt; and, can actually tell them what the laws means/says, as if the jurors are incompetents, unable to even read our language.ˇ˝ Is this the sort of person that we should trust with the administration of justice?

That is not the way that it was intended, though we have, through a progression through over a century, allowed the exodus justice to be replaced by what is no less than Roman Civil Law, with all decisions made by the judge, or, at least, so strongly influenced as to effect, negatively, the ability of the people to judge both law and fact.

Another term that we have heard often associated with juries, though not written into the Constitution, is “a jury of our peers”.ˇ˝ Peerage is a separation of classes.ˇ˝ It olden times, it separated lords from serfs.ˇ˝ So, if my peer is one of equal rank, can I be judged by a jury that is composed of foreigners, or others, that, by the way that they accept the condition impose by government, believe that we must submit to such abuse of the judiciary process?

If one were to understand that he was a citizen of a state, while some of those sitting on a jury believed that they were citizens of a country, would they be peerage?ˇ˝ Can they judge lawfully if they believe that the government is all-powerful and always right (The King can do no wrong)?

For a better understanding of the two classes of citizen, you would recommend reading Two Classes of Citizen.


Punishment applies to both criminal and civil trials.ˇ˝ We’ll begin with the criminal variety.

Punishment can take two forms.ˇ˝ It can be intended to discourage future behavior, or, it can be intended to be retribution or revenge.ˇ˝ In the sense of justice that we have been taught, it is intended to be the former.ˇ˝ However, quite often in the press, it takes on the meaning of the latter.ˇ˝ In true justice, the former can be quite more severe than the latter, or, it can be much more lenient.

We can look at what has happened to the jury’s right to judge fact, law and determine punishment as a means where each case is judged, by supposedly intelligent people (or, why would we have the alternatives that follow?) who can review the evidence, are intimately familiar with the case, and, can look in to the eyes of the accused and judge his actions and reactions, if determined to be guilty, to determine if there is guilt, if it was an unintentional crime, if he shows malice or regret, and, from this information judge which punishment best suits all of the circumstances surrounding the crime.

Instead, we have had imposed on us two rather cold and rigid ‘systems’ under the headings o “Sentencing Guidelines” and “The Three Strikes Rule”.

Sentencing guideline require that if the accused stole bread to feed his starving children, he is subject to the same sentence as one who stole bread to sell for money to buy drugs.ˇ˝ Can that possibly be defined as justice?

The Three Strike Rule is based upon three convictions.ˇ˝ In some states, the mandate is life in prison for the third violation, regardless of the type of crime.ˇ˝ So, if you stole bread three times, or robbed a bank three times, you are destined to spend the remainder of your life in prison.ˇ˝ Of course, the judge administering such “justice” will apologize and say that the law made him do it.ˇ˝ Can that possibly be defined as justice?

We will not enter a realm that makes exception for certain behavior by certain classes of people, except to say that if you kill a cop, you will probably be sentence, under statutory law, to execution, while, if a cop kills you, he will get time off, with pay, and more than likely not even go to trial.

Let’s go to the last step in punishment — Capital Crimes.ˇ˝ These would be any that may result in a punishment of execution.

We have all lived through the period of public proclamation that the death penalty is unconstitutional, or, is cruel and unusual punishment.

Of the latter, how can that be cruel and unusual when execution (recognition that there are capital crimes, see Amendment V, above) is in the Constitution?ˇ˝ Considering that cruel and unusual did not include a firing squad or hanging, we have opted for some very unpleasant “cruel and unusual punishments.ˇ˝ Gas chamber and the electric chair were fallible.ˇ˝ Reports of witnesses indicate grotesque contortions in the gas chamber and failures of the electric chair resulting in fried people waiting to die.

In an endeavor to be less cruel, we now watch people see a series of injections, each one depriving him of pain, awareness, and, finally, life.ˇ˝ Wouldn’t car exhaust into a closed area be less painful and less expensive?ˇ˝ However, we seem to have a passion for creativity in killing people.ˇ˝ Why?ˇ˝ They deserve the sentence that the jury finds, if justice is to be served.

Along that line, at what point do we consider, as a collective society, that some criminal serve no useful purpose to that society?ˇ˝ I believe that this was the purpose of the death sentence, in the first place.ˇ˝ What else would motivate a society to get rid of a human life?

Given that the purpose is to dispose of those who have nothing to offer to society, why have we set so many steps, expensive in lawyer’s fees, time and providing for the accused,

Now, in civil matters, the punishment comes in the form of restitution and rewards to the injured party.ˇ˝ The court will recognize these real damages and punitive damages.

Real damages can be easily calculated.ˇ˝ They are based upon loss, including, but not limited to, lost wages, medical expenses, replacement of damaged property, etc.

Punitive Damages used to be awarded, or not, based upon a rather simple formula.ˇ˝ If there was no negligence, then only real damages would be awarded.

For the other two, we can look to Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition:

Negligence (simple).ˇ˝ The omission to do something that a reasonable man, guided by those ordinary considerations that ordinarily regulate human affairs, would do, or of the doing of something that a reasonable and prudent man would not do.

Gross negligence.ˇ˝ The intentional failure to perform a manifest duty and reckless disregard of the consequences as affecting the life or property of another.

Awards of up to three times the real damages could be awarded for simple negligence.ˇ˝ This was expected to encourage more caution in the future.

In the determination of gross negligence, the award could be up to 10 times the real damages.ˇ˝ This, obviously, was more punitive in nature, encouraging a greater concern for the life or property of others, in the future.

Understand that awards of millions of dollars, such as overly hot coffee causing serious burns, serve only to punish the society, as a whole.ˇ˝ When awarded by a jury, the millions of dollars must be paid.ˇ˝ The accuser’s attorney will probably receive 40% and the injured party will receive the remaining 60%.ˇ˝ However, the entire 100% will be paid by those who drink coffee and are intelligent enough to not to burn themselves.ˇ˝ Is this justice?

We have allowed attorneys to manipulate juries into thinking that unreasonable awards serve a valid purpose, that on top of the fact that we have a proliferation of rules requiring labeling (i.e. “coffee is very hot”), and those who don’t heed the warning are, as a result, worthy of receiving compensation from everybody for their idiocy.

We need to return to reasonable punishment for both criminal and civil crimes, for, without such reasonableness, we have a lottery and the luck of the draw.

The Ultimate Court

Going just a bit further, we can look at what has transpired in the judicial community of the United States.ˇ˝ When a trial is held, there is an appellate process that can lead all of the way to the United States Supreme Court.ˇ˝ If either party is dissatisfied with the verdict, the trial can be appealed.ˇ˝ It must stand “on the record”, meaning that the case will not be retried, only that based upon the record of the original trial, a higher court can rule on what has already been presented.

So, for instance, if you believe that your Constitutional rights were violated, or that the government was operating outside of its authority under the law, their methods, or any other aspect of what had occurred, you can seek redress in that Supreme Court.ˇ˝ Interestingly, that Court, in its early years, actually rode circuit to hear cases appealed from the lower courts.ˇ˝ Over time, however, they attained a more noble stature by holding all of their sessions in single building in Washington, D.C.

Within two decades of its creation, this Supreme Court established its authority to rule on the Constitutionality of any case brought before it.ˇ˝ Judicial review, then, became what we have, in our lifetimes, always respected as the ultimate decision on the Constitutionality of a matter that could be brought to that level of review.

We expect that any law passed by the Congress (or even under its authority) can be tested as to its Constitutionality by this ultimate review.ˇ˝ After all, if we have a Constitution that limits the power of government and affords them only certain privileges, this ultimate court must be our protection from the governments violation of that very Constitution that created it.

Occasionally, we read of a Supreme Court decision that makes us want to scratch our head in wonderment.ˇ˝ How could they possibly rule that a certain decision was decided in a manner that does not seem to fit what we perceive the Constitution to say?ˇ˝ We tend to assume that they, by their articulate arguments, must understand something that we are not able to comprehend — about the Constitution.

Well, quite often, we may be more correct in our interpretation than the ruling of that august body.ˇ˝ In 1937, that court, by its own admission, declared that ruling on the Constitutionality of a matter before them, well, let me use their words to say this, “The Court will not  anticipate a question of constitutional law in advance of the necessity of deciding it &ˇ˝  It is not the habit of the court to decide questions of a constitutional nature unless absolutely necessary to a decision of the case.”

To understand more why the Court will, only in a last resort, rule on the Constitutionality, I would suggest that you read About Ashwander v. TVA


Since that infant (the judicial system) was conceived in 1776 and came into life in 1789, it had grown through its infancy by 1860.ˇ˝ As it reached adulthood, it was well matured, though, perhaps, gone astray.

We have learned to look at it only in its very senior years, and have no idea what it was as in its youth.ˇ˝ Unfortunately, that wonderful child has gone through some changes during its lifetime that have obscured what it was when it was brought into life, with loving care.

As if relegated to a senior citizen’s home, cared for by abusive and self-serving attendants, it has been manipulated, and,ˇ˝ lost all semblance of that great and wonderful object of adoration that it was to the Framers.ˇ˝ It is only by virtue of a scrapbook that we can see that transition, and, perhaps, restore that child to the dignity and respect that it truly deserves.

* Nov 16, 2010

Nazism for Dummies

Nazism 4 dummies

a very true story I warn ya

Adolphus Heidler and Mengele

died in California

a protest for tuition in class

what a suspension of comprehension

you stupid ass

insanity is reigning who’s complaining

the General Strike takes them to task


I’ll TELL I’ll ASK

* Nov 16, 2010


AmericaNazi Politiko/Police

Homeland Security and Halliburton

the Final Solution in a world so hurtin

Jesse Ventura showed you the Camps for Concentration

thousands of coffins and guillotines

in this American Nation

to cull the herds of useless turds

who can’t comprehend the time

let alone these words

a one day protest for raising tuition

for class

Such a suspension of comprehension

you stupid ass

your drowning in quicksand so for help

you will ask

Simply turn the tables by STRIKING

taking oppressors to task

* Oct 31, 2010

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Don’t ask don’t tell

continued horseshit does compel

Pay attention to what I say

Here be the anachronym for GAY

God’s Almighty Yashua

Empowered and Shining as the Sun

We Be the ONE

Remember Remember this 5th of November

We Be full of True Spirit the old world NOW to hear it

via the Great CALIFORNIA General Strike

40 Days and 40 Nights till all True Hearts receive True Loving Rites

Justly as we’d like Deny Me and you deny the Living Lord

for you’ll be denying yourself serving the Untoward that god of greed be mammon the playground of Sataniels

Almighty See Almighty Be

united NOW Solidarity

We Be the Power

the Time be at Hand

to Open the Doors

to the Promised Land

Almighty Power Almighty Love

surely backed up

from Beyond and Above

I am calling for an Almighty Revival

for common sense and survival

fuck the bankers and IRS

I am in the Image We all confess

no more insurance payments

no mortgages no rents

All Loving Children off the fence

cease the subsidized poison

vaccinated industry of animal flesh

Beautiful Gardens, with vegetables fresh enjoying our fruits of gardening  LABOR Peace we attain by laying down the Sabre

How much $ would this save each of US STRIKE for FREEDOM

ALL ABOARD the Almighty Bus

WE each as Child of Creator

Empowered NOW as Liberator

* Oct 31, 2010

America Has a Problem…A BIG PROBLEM

“The liberty of democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic STATE itself.  That, in its essence, is FASCISM – ownership of government by an individual, by a group or by any controlling private power.”

– President Franklin Roosevelt

The Warnings

“There are two passions which have a powerful influence on the affairs of men. These are ambition and avarice; the love of power, and the love of money…Place before the eyes of such men a post of honor that shall be at the same time a place of profit, and they will move heaven and earth to obtain it.  The vast number of such places…renders the British government so tempestuous…(and is the true source) of all those factions which are perpetually dividing the nation (and) distracting its councils…” -Benjamin Franklin

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.” -Albert Camus: French novelist, essayist, and playwright. 1957 Nobel Prize for Literatire. 1913-1960

“A great wave of oppressive tyranny isn’t going to strike, but rather a slow seepage of oppressive laws and regulations from within will sink the American dream of liberty.”

-George Baumier

“The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.” – James Madison:  US fourth president, 1751-1836

5.  Rampant Sexism – The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclsively male dominated.  Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid.  Opposition to abortion is high, as is homophobia and anti-gay legislation and national policy.

6.  Controlled Mass Media – Sometimes the media is directly controlled by the government, but in other cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or through sympathetic media spokespeople and executives.  Censorship, especially in wartime, is very common.

7.  Obsession with National Security – Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses.

8.  Religion and Government are intertwined – Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion.  Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically oposed to the government’s policies or actions.

other undone. 24 Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat,

and swallow a camel. 25 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of..

14.  Fraudulent Elections – Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham.  Other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against (or even the assassination of ) opposition candidates, the use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and the manipulation of the media.  Fascist nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate or control elections

The votes are counted before they been cast! Get It?

* Oct 30, 2010

IWW Labor…Students…..and Veterans

Embracing “The Plan” 4 AMERI-CAN

Knowing Almighty Creator says YES…then who could dare tell you NO????

All is fair in love and war…that certainly includes being screwed by bankers, politicians and the corporate store.

The Bush’s involvement with Nazis, international bankers and pharmaceuticals is well known…did you know Bill Clinton’s dad is Winthrop Rockefeller???? And that the Bushes chose and groomed Obama going 19 years back????

The GREAT AMERICAN GENERAL STRIKE extinguishing all mammon’s greed for True Hearts to be Freed…consider this: those who are having a heyday crushing the middle class are going at it full steam 24/7…

The longer workers/students remain “timidly fearful” of employing this STRIKE…the more you lose leverage wise!

Most politicians are lawyers and lawyers are liars in the last 20 years how many “out of country” hires????

Unions used to support each other we know is true!  Mumia Abu Jamal was the president of the Writers Union in Philly before being set up for the murder of “honest” Officer Daniel Faulkner.  I, Peter Tscherneff, am a witness to the 1981 event and Jamal is innocent.  A STRIKE sets him free.  The Heroin Cabal (Bush/Rumsfeld/CIA) murdered Faulkner, Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald’s pregnant wife and 2 young daughters (for whistleblowing) and so too arranged the “on the field” execution of Pat Tillman for speaking out against media deception and the Heroin trade.

The average American hasn’t a clue as to the degree of deception been perpetrated on you.

“A slave is someone who waits for aother to free him”

Ezra Pound

Learn or BURN….….….….

SOMEONE is bound to point out that General Strikes are illegal in America.  Who the fuck could convince you of that?  The very people fucking you?  But of course, RIGHT???? Plus the cops have been known to crack down on Strikers.  The OATHKEEPERS have been appraised of this situation and you need but familiarize yourself with them on the net to see that these VETERANS of our Military and Law Enforcement are not only powerful but well organized and prepared to step up to the plate!!! Get familiar with Officer Jack McLamb, Sheriff Mack, Bo Gritz (Rambo) and Stewart Rhodes.

Most anyone with a brain in Labor, Universities and Oathkeepers are more than pissed and WE are the True Power in America.  The General Strike (minus any violence) will be as Subtle as a Sledgehammer, 40 Days 40 Nights till Green Beret MacDonald, Jamal and Leonard Peltier R FREE

* Oct 27, 2010

Adolphus Heidler

Adolphus Heidler

aka Adolf Hitler

care to peruse an unwritten history

no longer be it a mystery

just google Adolphus Heidler

and read the Declaration

give you a new perspective

of this American nation

then google Project Paperclip

Nazis arrived by plane and ship

but the true story of Heidler

and Mengele were never told

it might leave quite a few

to be chilled rather cold

MK Ultra be Nazi/CIA mind control

has claimed the American mind so too it’s soul

* Oct 26, 2010

Remember the 5th of November

Remember , Remember the 5th of November for the Great California General STRIKE

the Students, Longshoreman, all Labor till attaining all as we’d like

During this Beautiful Strike we started ten million new gardens

providing everyone work (yet no corporate jerk) receiving true Spiritual Pardons

40 Days and 40 Nites we shut down their greedy game

and we attained all this thru Almighty’s Awesome Authority BeCame

We ceased the insanity of factory farms

protecting the Least from any/all harms

As the Children of Creator

We flex our muscle via the primetime hustle

BeComing as ONE Liberator

Rejoice Rejoice we’ve heard the Voice

Of the Power providing Love’s choice

November 5th be the start

the Voice loud and clear in each Heart

we cease paying mortgages so too any rents

to extinguish all greed get of the dam fence

cease all insurance payments absolutely no taxes

remember Carlos Santana’s album ABRAXAS ????

We brought this old greedy system right down to its knees

releasing Jamal, MacDonald and Peltier for We Be turning the KEYS

* Oct 23, 2010

the Pat Tillman Story

The Pat Tillman Story…I just the movie that came to the Bay Area Friday….there were only 3 people at this showing including me

…The following I wrote 2 years,maybe 3

and handed Mary Tillman a copy one day…

Mary Tillman should be invited to events like the Longshoremen/Oscar Grant get together

in Oakland

Pat “the Duke” Tillman

A Pro Football Player becoming a Star

Segway to Army Ranger didn’t get far

Military Intel for Pat had a plan

Turn him into John Wayne

making Tillman “the MAN”

Big and Strong, rugged and Handsome

Marketed correctly be worth a king’s ransom

To legitimize and glamorize a military coup

So why is Pat dead and his mother so blue ????

ARMY PSYOPS was determined to turn Pat into the “Duke”

before realizing their bullshit he would re-buke

the initial plan was to arm him

but keep him out of harms way

Army PSYOPS was to teach him, to speech him to ARMY Speaksay

Pat Tillman saw thru the deception of greed’s murderous regime

and they determined most likely he’d backfire their treasonous scheme

So Army Psychiatrists arranged the final for Pat Tillman’s fate

the MK Ultra chess players, unseen ans unaccountable to date

they arranged the assassin, the sniper sharpshooter that day

just like Denzel in the Manchurian Candidate such manipulated clay

be the minds of children under military mind control

like the Columbine and Viginia Tech shooters, what be the true toll ?????

Yes this be connected the the murder case of Dr Felix Polk

Who was really Dr Josef Mengele

sure fooled alot of folk

So the bottom line TRUTH sure to be raising their ire !!!!

PAT TILLMAN did not die by “FRIENDLY fire”

Army Psychiatrists made the call

twas their decision

Pat was EXECUTED for Courage and Clear thinking

EXECUTED with military precision

“Tillman, a true Hero, was executed for cause by MK Ultra CIA operatives”

and on behalf of standing on the Rock of Truth

of what I assert here and know for sure

there’s PROOF

the very same core behind the scenes

financiers of wars,killers and assassins

behind the Tillman, Dr Jeffrey MacDonald

and Mumia Abu Jamal case

also arranged in advance for the murder of Oscar Grant at that place at that time

and especially knowing there would be a ton of witnesses

It was in fact 1st Degree Murder

but you could never prove that

but Mehserle’s actions were

ABSOLUTELY 2nd Degree Murder

telling everyone to wait for the sentencing

how fuckin bogus

to even CONSIDER or ACCEPT a man slaughter charge

did the Longshoreman STRIKE back in the day because of the outcome of a BOGUS sentencing


got SHOT in the …….?????

All Students,Vets and Family members of Veterans need to see the travesty truthfully presented in “The Tillman Story” playing now in theatres.  As this Strike proceeds WE bring Home our Vets.  The politicians seek to continue disregarding veterans, their issues and this docudrama.  We will put the “politikal animal” to its knees as we embrace these brothers and sisters together with the psychologically imposed denigration of migrant workers.  By the STRIKE and the 14 Acre SLA Urban Garden “BLUEPRINT” we provide work for ALL, FOREVER

* Oct 23, 2010

Tatiana the Shining Star

Tatiana the Shining Star

Beautiful hair, Beautiful Smile

Tatiana the Shining Star

Spirit so uplifted

with insight She’s gifted

Certain to protect Her from near and afar

She gave Oscar’s crowd I think

the best hello

On behalf of Tatiana with all of Her friends

The Great California General Strike

the STRIKE for Freedom

for the Road goes on Forever and the Party never ends

Off our knees here be the Keys

the 40 Day Strike of Labor and Schools

shows this world we’re nobodies fools

Maybe November 5th for the sentence to hear

Let me remind you of Leonard Peltier

34 years down and dying

just as people of this Nation be crying

the General Strike is only as POWERFUL

as to what it attains

Where oh where was Medea Benjamin

the Founder of Code Pink ?

Tell Me what be the 1 day sTrIkE gains?

why does it pain aMeRiCaNs so, just simply to think ?????

the Greatest Carpentar said “Follow Me”

Free them All of the ANIMAL flesh industry

in this Way BeCome moreso the Child of


to Bind by Warrior Love

supported from Beyond and Above

as True Liberator

* Oct 20, 2010

Of Reasons and Seasons

How many Reasons ?

How many reasons do Americans need ?

To finally act as Americans ceasing mammon’s greed !!!!

If we be Children of God and this be our House ?

Then how is it possible that the Lion be running from a mouse ?

A entire nation in servitude to the corporate store ????

Thru the smoke and mirrors be this some

Mystikal Spiritual War ????

All religions with “Non-Prophet” Status

Major Media constantly throwing “bullshit at us ???

and a True Nazi Regime for the last

40 years

Yesss, now the world’s walking

the True Trial of Tears

Mind Kontrolled by Hitler and Mengele’s

technology be the masses

American spectators not “LIBERATORS”

just sit on their asses

They watch as politicians give all their money away

Along with hundreds of thousands of jobs

and your future,what can you say ????

Stay on your fuckin knees to the

international banks ????

and to your god mammon

give your child and thanks ????

* Oct 20, 2010

The Final Straw

The Final Straw

Is the Oscar Grant murder the Final Straw?

After decades of intrusions,abuses,corruptions

the Light We finally saw ????

We looked each other in the eye

and said

How many more Brothers

must end up dead ????

Well so far what have we done???

marching and chanting ain’t that much fun

We’ve refused to release Mumia Abu Jamal

After being told to be bold by the 40 Day Strike, the Mother of them All

Instead we be acting like shadows

in service to FEAR

The 40 Day Strike frees Leonard Peltier

Brother King spoke quite CLEAR

“if One man be wrongfully incarcerated

so be we all” !!!!

the 40 Day General Strike

and the corruptors will FALL

The Great California General Strike

lays down the SABRE

by the Mother of All Boycotts

of Students and Labor

Cease all Bloodflow from the Earth

All Slaughterhouses and oil

Time to be actin “Royal”

for this Spiritual Re-Birth

* Oct 20, 2010

MK Ultra is the Matrix

MK Ultra is the Matrix

MK Ultra be exquisitely complex

this be the model for the series “Matrix”

and they’ve gone to extra-ordinary measures

to maintain it’s secret pleasures and treasures

literally hundreds of “programs”

simultaneously run

dozens overlapping for the masses

and specialized for individuals “spun”

Good Cop Bad Cop let me give you a clue

5% of cops per precinct

be MK Ultra puppets quite true

Nationally proven that 5% of cops cause about 80% of public assaults

google “Project Paperclip” for half the story the rest be in CIA vaults

If you seek the enemy to engage

you better be very clear

and where you be standing on the stage

* Oct 18, 2010


Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips

Candidate Billionaire

Meg Whitless hasn’t a care

afterall she’s a billionaire

has no true solution providing jobs

considers the masses just silly sods

her and husband enjoy both money and power

MKUltra be the Project Paperclip

blossom to flower

Nazi Mind Kontrol adapted by our CIA

Sexual abuse of 3 year olds is how they begin this play

Standford and UC Berkeley for Project Paperclip Ground Zero

google Mark Phillips Cathy O’Brien

some say Mark is a hero

Meg’s good friend Mitt Romney

who’s dad George both governor and pedophile

Multi-Generational power mad pedophiles

do some research for just a while

google George Romney Cathy O’Brien

you’ll see who’s truthin and who’s lyin’

Stanford surgeon Griff Harsh (Meg’s husband) be an MK Ultra Master

Both highly intelligent and equally arrogant

consider themselves untouchable

as the rest experiance disaster

if there’s anything here you don’t quite understand

google to read that much intelligence be at you’re command

* Oct 18, 2010

Nightingale and Wells

Nightingale or Wells

the Republicrat major media party

presses onward it’s propaganda sells

let’s take a peek well just last week

they arrested Green Party candidate Laura Wells

just after Jerry Brown peed his pants and cancelled KGO

and right after Meg Whitless was provided an investigative report on the biggest cover-up crime in California by the status quo

Now Meg has refused to respond on a very “time sensitive” report

it’s funny how big money can

cleanse one of complicity to murder

in a California Court

a poor man sits in prison or jail

making money for the state cuz’ he gets no bail

Perhaps this be the time to review

to consider for Governor

an American Chelene Nightingale

* Oct 18, 2010

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

always appearing confident and regal

knowing kill bill is far more vulture than eagle

go on and google your noodle to

“bill clinton Cathy O’Brien”

so that the likes of you might get

a clue the degree of his lyin

the international bankers executed

Kennedy and Lincoln

and things here politically

really be stinkin

Oh, here’s some info to make you feel glad

Winthrop Rockefeller be Bill Clinton’s dad

yet still one more story just a bit

curiously strange

of 4 of Bill Clinton’s murdered bodyguards

how did they arrange

to be assaulting the families at Waco

on national TV’s

of the 500 black suited military soldiers of fortune, these 4 were their only casualties

* Oct 17, 2010

Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman:

You are hereby provided verifiable documentation, which we, who you seek to serve, be expecting you to act upon. The information is “time sensitive” and quite matter of factly will eliminate Jerry Brown from public office.


Ted Gunderson is the official investigator for Michael J. Riconosciuto who figures prominantly in the Cabazon Case so too Promis Software.  Michael’s story would make quite the Hollywood thriller, but probably not till he is murdered or suicided in prison.

This detailed report (which is also available on details Jerry Brown’s refusal to act appropriately in accordance to his job capacity.  The number of murders, corruption and judicial collusion still angers many in Law Enforcement.

Meg, how many Californians would be relieved if they no longer paid rents, mortgages, car/medical insurance and taxes.  After all, why should we Californians go broke paying homage to corrupt international bankers?  How many people know that Bill Clinton’s dad was Winthrop Rockefeller?

And Meg, how exciting that you could actually solve the immigration/job conundrum.  Utilizing the 14 Acre South Los Angeles Urban Garden “BLUEPRINT”.  Yes, absolutely beautiful, work for everyone, forever.  Simultaneously eliminating Monsanto minded corporate farming in favor of millions of organic, heirloom brilliant gardens eminating right out of Sonoma County (which Luther Burbank called the Best Place of all the World to grow veggies and fruits).  Kind of sounds like the Promised Land.

While it’s impressive to see a woman of your stature and achievement spend over 100 million to advertise it makes me wonder, have you ever seen Warren Beatty/Halle Berry in “BULWORTH”. Where as it is loudly pointed out that the airwaves belong to the people… why are wealthy politicians paying for air???

As you probably aready know, San Jose’s Pat Tillman was murdered for “whistleblowing” the “HEROIN INFLUENCE”!  murdered by the same Heroin Cabal that is concealed and yet responsible for the murder of honest Officer Daniel Faulkner (for whom Mumia Abu Jamal is incarcerated on Death Row, I Peter Tscherneff am a witness)…and also the same Heroin Cabal tht murdered Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald’s pregnant wife and two young dauthers. Dr. MacDonald, Green Beret Surgeon is innocent accoring to his investiator Ted Gunderson, Larry King and millions of American Veterans.

Thank you for your time and attention

Peter Tscherneff

* Oct 17, 2010

the Embarrassed American

the Embarrassed American

American students taught to ignore what they learn

a thousand divisions isolated to burn

addicted to cell phones and electronic/

satellite gadgets galore

most can’t think on their own

such a pathetic bore

and what about the American Spirit

long gone from America you

can’t even hear it

it’s been replaced by the Matrix

quite obvious to see

blinded and misguided, unable to

comprehend Solidarity

in the last 30 years it’s been

truly a controlled transformation

by the 2nd Project Paperclip Generation

Ground Zero for Paperclip be UC Berkeley

an orchestrated Psyops most impressively

so many stories and movies about CIA

yet no one ever speaks about their

day jobs today

Well among them be TV preachers

and many high level professors

and teachers

positions quite authoritarian and respect

never to be questioned so you never suspect

neurolinguistics but one of many means

of control

Spiritual demonics utilizing harmonics

they own your very soul

review the results for yourself if you can

acquiescent, subserviant students so

robotic, no true woman or man

ask yourself WHY that the students can’t act

then research MK Ultra and be clear it’s


in France the Students simple won’t tolerate politikal corruption

as we read the Student Lead General Strike be the interruption

the General Strike places the Students

in charge and to lead

In charge of the entire nation while ceasing politikal greed

* Oct 16, 2010

Imagine if you knew…….????

Imagine if you knew

Imagine if you knew for sure

you were the power so too the cure

Imagine you could stop the pain

of murder and wars and the politically insane

Imagine you were Blessed by

Almighty Creator

to free all innocent Sentients as Liberator

Imagine forgiving all the wrongs

Imagine the concert of the

Most Beautiful Songs

Imagine this present moment

as a Beautiful Gift

and together in Unison

we give it a lift

Imagine embracing the 40 Day

California General Strike

erasing greed’s corruption

attaining Peace as we’d Like

Imagine all this in fact Isreal

for this 40 Day effort will seal the deal

no labor no schools no animal flesh

no hurries no worries

fruits and vegetables fresh

* Oct 16, 2010

Spirit of Crazy Horse

Spirit of Crazy Horse

to Be a Spiritual Warrior

there’s only ONE thing you must know

that All your Strength and All your Heart

must oppose greed’s status quo

if you think that means sometimes

then you be already lost

Your Heart Be clear, no room for fear

have you tallied up the cost

wars, oppression, child pornography,

slave migrants our prisons as well

staying in school, maintains “their” subservient fool

“mammon’s” mission maintaining hell

how important is “work” if you’re a

corporate “jerk”

a cog in mammon’s wheel

just slogging along singing the

corporate song

guaranteeing the corporate deal

I will not be domesticated by what you

call the educated

I”m changing history’s course

True Leaders we need

get on your Steed

ride forth in the

SPIRIT of Crazy Horse

* Oct 16, 2010

Spirit and Soul

Spirit and Soul

Creator Almighty my Soul Be a Burning

such a cost yet I’m lost still certainly yearning

Goddess Most Beautiful my Spirit Be Crying

my efforts come short I feel like I’m dying

I need you Almighty Lord

place your Hand on My Heart

I need to be strengthened

I need a new start

it seems the message I send

the students cannot comprehend

how to focus and direct their true power

Rosebud Blossom to Flower

it seems , perhaps I’m guessin

they’ve been taught to ignore the lesson

of Malcolm X, so too Gandhi and King

who led sustained ACTIONS

True results they did bring

* Oct 16, 2010

the News…October 16th, 2010

the News

the politicians made sure you don’t see

till after elections the movie called

“The Pat Tillman Story”

You see Pat spoke about the military’s

Heroin Cabal

so they murdered Tillman and that’s

not all

the same Heroin Cabal murdered Green Beret Dr Jeffrey MacDonald 2 young daughters and pregnant wife

then pinned it on the good doctor

now serving convicted…double Life

the same Heroin dealers murdered

“HONEST” Officer Faulkner

and blamed journalist Mumia Abu Jamal

Now  know the case of Peace Warrior

Leonard Peltier

and regarding this case be ye now

Crystal Clear

He is dying in prison after 34 years

as the entire world be walking the

True Trial of Tears

the 40 Day Strike of Labor and schools

FREES MacDonald, Jamal and Peltier

while showing the world we’re nobodies fools

for to stay in class upon your ass

is what the OPPRESSORS demand

but knowing how many bleed

in a world serving greed

ignoring Almighty’s Command

for Almighty’s Powerful Love

got no room for any of mammon’s crap

and this be my message in lyrical rap

* Oct 16, 2010

Looking for Rosa Parks

Looking for Rosa Parks

loaded with piss and vinegar and plenty


for when Almighty says YES

while corrupted man says no

in our Hearts we confess

to cease the old status quo

where are you Rosa’s Spirit

come forth so all can hear it

the world sees your Spirit in France

STUDENTS there be Striking

the “civil disobediance dance”

both there like here the teachers won’t LEAD

But they will follow STUDENTS in

the STRIKE crushing greed

A Strike is as powerful as what it achieves

A Child of Creator Be as Powerful

as She Believes

* Oct 16, 2010



Against all enemies either foreign or domestic

the Oathkeeper be true thereby so too Majestik

the Ultimate Warrior Be seeking Peace

of conflicts and war how do we cease ??

the Ultimate Warrior Be 1st and foremost

True Spirit

which calls to All but so few do hear it

Soldiers forever shipped off to war

a scam NOW acknowledged

in service to the corporate store

and while it’s true the Lord had brought the Sword

to lay it down requires

ceasing all service to the untoward

religious deceivers long

misrepresented the Truth

you need but look around to see plenty

of proof

those of You been Chosen Be Ye NOW

Arosen in solidarity

with Great Courage and Love

from Beyond and Above

know that the animals

BE the Least of Me

(students should google your noodle to “Oathkeepers”…there are a great many Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers

both men and women who are part of this organization….these Oathkeepers are on the same page as us…..they are greatly disturbed at “police brutality” and judicial

corruption…you would be wise to become familiar with these True Spirit Warriors

and to educate others of their mission)

* Oct 15, 2010

Dazzling Brilliance Reveals at Bioneers

Leading the charge verifiably, sustainably be the Bioneers

Open Heart Open Hand into the Promised Land as Pioneers

We be celebrating community, beautiful art and knowledge.

Resilient Ingenuity Spirit based Power rarely seen in college.

It’s not too late to enter the debate a candidate quite racy

She’s got brains & style the status quo to beguile

Why yes it’s Caroline Casey

Jane Goodall agrees we must excommunicate the status quo

If Caroline refuses this task, we’ll simply ask

the most impressive “Mo”

Yes Gardens galore to overwhelm the corporate store Freeing From Harlem all Sentient’s on the farm and more

So cease paying all taxes so too mortgages and rents Fully Comprehend the term “Sovereign” get off the Fence

The simple answer of social cancer re:  jobs’ & immigration

The Bueprint of the South LA BEAUTIFUL Urban gardens

During the American General Strike as Mumia Abu Jamal

And Leonard Peltier be granted True Pardons

* Oct 14, 2010

Life is but a Dream

Life is but a Dream

for you has it been peaches and cream???

YOU ! go look in the mirror and confess

the answer must be clearer by personal


Are you prepared to put forth your

very best

w/o violence, every effort to pass the test

Afterall it’s all a DREAM so

should we be in control

Be the Promised Land the ultimate goal

Come on all ready rip and tear

show the world how much you care

Leonard Peltier’s been caged 34 years

Now the whole world walks the trail of tears

shall we forever be a slave to our fears

hocus pocus by Love’s powerful focus

Spirit Almighty in our Heart NOW


* Oct 14, 2010

California’s Race for Servant

Servant Governor’s Race

One wrongly incarcerated so are we all

just like MacDonald, Peltier and Jamal

We are all in this prison can’t you see

that the Great General Strike is

the KEY

the KEY by CHRIST be in our Hand

Opening the Doors to the


And as the 40 Day Strike puts

all to their knees

then WE the People may choose

for any office whom we please

ignoring the Strike Call we remain in jail

and all man’s foolish efforts provide no


So with a knowing smile upon our faces

True Love for Peace all greed we cease

with all Spirit and Strength this Action


We’ve had enough of media’s money charade

for decades we’ve witnessed only more

debt and deception displayed

divisive politicos forever jabber and rail

the Strike Endured all bullshit cured

perhaps then we choose Chelene Nightingale

Ignored by the media yet prepared for fights

She speaks of the Constitution

and the Bill of Rights

But know this that the Founders knew

for a FACT

that the Constitution/Bill of Rights

required an Almighty ACT

for the True Hearted populace

to Be Arisen

By the Greatest Strike for Freedom

busting all chains of mammon’s prison

* Oct 13, 2010

Let’s Party

Let’s Party

I know it be time for a Party

only if you hear it

the Great American Spirit

powerful, mad, loud and Hearty

only by working United

do the bankers get indicted

in the Public Opinion Court

I’m mad as hell

and here to report

Peace and Justice, Constitutional

or Green

so too Libertarian


pay no more taxes

no more rents

no more car/medical insurance


I’ve told you before

and made it quite Clear

Everything changes by the Strike

that frees Leonard Peltier

* Oct 13, 2010

the Unseen Adversary

the Unseen Adversary

yes the Adversary remains unseen

their methodology be murderously obscene

they are 2nd Generation Project Paperclip

the Nazi/Jew/Catholic Cabal

we brought via safe passage aboard

plane and ship

Truth be as Strange as Fiction I warn ‘ya

Dr Josef Mengele and Adolf Hitler died

here in California

Hardly speculation I witnessed them 1st Hand

and like the Matrix, the world you see

is exactly as they planned

psychologically incapacitated you seem

unable to unite and act

you’ve all been MK bonkered

you know divide then conquered

you lack both fact and tact

remember when all were impressed

with Kucinich

Truthtelling Popeye high on spinach

too bad that 19 years ago

Obama was slated by the Bankers Status Quo

yes he’s really Bush’s boy

their chocolate Nazi toy

well to some history is a mystery

the Present be a Gift

so how about we give it a lift

1st be standing upon Granite

to be benchpressing this planet

for the Promised Land

and Peace you’d like

it’s a piece of cake

unless you prefer the lake

the 40 Day Great California


* Oct 13, 2010

Embracing Apathy

Embracing Apathy

Embracing Apathy is the American Way

Repeatedly proven what more can One say

For 51 days you watched Waco on TV

riddled by bullets and tanks

American Apathy big thanks

then incinerated for you to see

Randy Weaver’s wife snipered right between the eyes

as Americans maintained their Apathy Disguise

then yet another demonstration of

the international bankers powers

they forged a terrorist illusion

with a couple of unmanned drones

then detonated the Twin Towers

the murdered passengers

their true final memorium

Found in Virginia, the Culpepper Crematorium

the Los Angeles Zoo got an African Lion

thru all phones and computers

Big Brother be spyin

the White House gots a LYIN AFRICAN

continually bamboozling the


they blew up the levees to flood

New Orleans

it’s time to awaken

lest all be forsaken

utilizing all means

they blew up the oil rig murdering 11 men

then let the oil run and run and run

life in the Gulf to condemn

well don’t worry be happy

it sounds rather sappy

this American Apathy

worse than insanity

worse than any profanity

most obscenely crappy

well they are STRIKING in Italia

they be STRIKING in France

Americans can’t tie their own shoes

only bellyache the Blues

for sure they can’t dance

WAIT OMG what do I sense

maybe just maybe your getting off

the fence

politicians will NEVER do the right thing


* Oct 12, 2010

The Sting

The Sting Poster

You’re about to meet a Stinger Missile

It may journey silently or perhaps whistle

Yes this here missile gotta serious STING

Enough to bust any bluff

And make any corruptors sing

This missile’s nickname be RICO

And that’s for sure

Don’t get excited you’re to be indicted

You’ve already met the cure

And if you seek to deny and go dancing about the court

Truth or Consequences, I promise you’ll cry

Such a predictable sport.

* Oct 12, 2010

Ted L. Gunderson/News Release

Ted L. Gunderson

FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret.)

Ted Gunderson and Associates Investigations

6230A Wilshire Blvd., #6, Los Angeles, CA 90048



REFERENCE:  Jimmy Hughes, a confessed Mafia hit man, who was indicted and arrested in Florida in 2009 for the execution-style murders of Fred Alvarez, vice chairman of the Cabazon Indian Tribal Council who was opposing the proposed Cabazon Casino joint venture with Whackenhut Services (an identified, secret CIA business front), and two of his close friends, Ralph Boger and Patricia Castro in Indio, CA in June, 1981.  Also the murders of Paul Morasca in San Francisco and Mary Quick in Fresno, just three days apart, in January 1982 by FBI informant Phillip Arthur Thompson a notorious bank robber and murderer.


a) Why was Hughes recently released, after being held in the Riverside County, CA jail for nine months, and after he confessed and boasted about his participation in the murders of Alvarez and his friends?

b) Why didn’t the California Department of Justice prosecute Hughes, after agreeing to do so?

c) Why has California Attorney General Jerry Brown refused to respond to my letter seeking his help in the prosecution of Hughes for these three murders, in the interest of justice?

1)  I, Ted Gunderson (resume attached), am the official investigator for Michael J. Riconoscuito.

2)  In this capacity, I was with Riconoscuito at Peter and Regina Zokowski’s residence in Indio, CA, when Hughes was initially interviewed by Indio Chief of Police Sam Cross.  Also present were the Zokowskis, Robert Booth Nichols (not related to John P. Nichols, Sr.) and another person not to be identified at this time for security reasons.

3)  During this time frame, Hughes was running for his life from John P. Nichols, Sr., general manager of the Whackenhut Joint Venture Partnership with the Cabazon Indian Reservation, a covert business venture.

ITEM:  According to Russell Herman (Hermann), WHACKENHUT Services, Inc. was formed in 1955 by “Barry Seals and Russell Herman, Oliver North, George H.W. Bush, Alan Greenspan, James Baker III, Nicholas Brady, (Hughes Corporations) Bob Maheu, Col. Al Martin, Col. Frank McDonnald, Col. Al Caron, George Whackenhut, Rodriguez and Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, FBI, CIA and M16 were the original members of WHACKENHUT Services, Inc., which was formed in 1955.”  (See: K Durham/AbusingTheCodeOfSilence.html)

NOTE:  V.K. Durham is the widow of Russell Herman (Herrmann), and after he was murdered, she has bravely created this website to try and secure some belated justice for her beloved husband, one of the founders of WHACKENHUT Services, Inc.

ITEM:  “For far too many years rumors have floated around about ‘a parallel U.S. Fed. Agency-government operation”…Here it is.  It was set  up to be BEYOND CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW & ABOVE THE LAW.

For background go to and review previously posted articles. In particular go to: and

U.S. Citizens. U.S. Corporation and some U.S. House Members, ex U.S. Treasury, Ex IRS,

Ex Naval Intelligence, Ex members of the Administrative Branch of the U.S. Fed. Govt. are, and have been actively engaged in setting up a parallel government, inside the United States of America, operating on Sovereign Soil of Indian Reservations (Cabazon), conducting Un-American Activities “Globally” operating through WHACKENHUT (see

whereas these Corporations operating from theS overeign Soil of the Cabazon Indian Reservation, and others have allowed ‘member corporations, Banking operations, financial institutions, organized crime groups, and so forth’ to conduct International Banking, Financial and Economic Terrorism, while giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

i.e. the Al Qaieda, Al Qaeda, Abbu Sayeff, MILF, Al Kada and so forth while enjoying “Sovereign Immunity Priveleges” of said Indian Reservations such as the Cabazon Reservation mentioned in the before mentioned site.”


4)  There was clear, objective evidence that Hughes was being pressured by J.P. Nichols, Sr. and his hired killers.  Their express purpose for attempting to murder him was in order to silence him.  Several turncoats still inside the Whackenhut Venture were supplying us with detailed daily information on the activities, plans and state of mind of Nichols, Sr. and others involved with his inner circle. (I have learned over the past decades, by interviewing several CIA killers who didn’t trust the CIA anymore, that the CIA will often hire a killer, and after he successfully finishes his assignments, other CIA killers are hired to kill him and his partners, thus eliminating the risk of potential “loose lips sink ships.”)

5)  Nichols, Sr. was subsequently convicted and served time for solicitation to murder two people.  Due to his high level intelligence community associates in Washington DC, he was shown leniency, during his sentencing.

6)  When Hughes decided to turn on the Whackenhut joint venture organization and consult with law enforcement, I was the person who drove Hughes around, during this period.

7)  Hughes was polygraphed by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office and California State Department of Justice Investigator Frank Brock, now deceased.  Hughes came up with no deception indicated in the majority of the polygraph questions.  However, on certain specific issues directly relevant to the commission of the triple execution murder (Alvarez case), Hughes showed clear and obvious deception, during the polygraph.


8)  In the most recent investigation of this case, it became public knowledge that Hughes is a close relative of the currently elected Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco.  Law enforcement sources and the media attempted to minimize this relationship and its obvious impact on the handling of these homicide investigations by referring to Hughes, as an “distant relative” to the DA responsible for prosecuting Hughes’ homicide cases.  The fact is that Hughes is DA Pachecho’s second cousin, and has a close personal relationship with him.

9)  As Riconoscuito’s official investigator for more than 20 years, I have certain direct knowledge of matters that were critical to the recently closed homicide investigations.  I have Riconoscuito’s personal permission and his attorney’s authorization to ebbe interviewed by Riversid eConnty Sheriff’s homicide investigators and the California State AttorneyGenera office’s prosecutors and investigators.  But they failed or refused to interviw our witnesses and e.  As mentioned earlier, several months ago, with the consent of Riconoscuio,I wrote a letter directly to California Attorney General Jerry Brown.

10)  On March 8, 2004, I wrote to U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein, and in her response, Sen. Feinstein recommended that I address my concerns to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, related to the Alvarez homicide investigations and many other homicide cases connected to the Alvarez case, because she wrote:  “Unfortunately, many issues within the State of California are beyond my jurisdiction, as a United States Senator.” (NOTE:  These murders involve the Cabazon Indian Reservation; so they are directly under her jurisdiction.)

It was a very confusing response, since I was specifically centered upon the principles in the Whackenhut-Cabazon joint venture and the matter of convicted killer Phillip Arthur Thompson.  Thompson, having been an FBI informant who had committed numerous armed robberies and homicides during the critical time frame surrounding the Alvarez murders, is a very dangerous murderer now serving life.

As recommended, I directed a letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger.  (My two letters to Feinstein and the one to our governor are on the website).

11)  The mishandling of the most recent homicide investigations by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office and California State Attorney General Brown are shocking to any person of normal sensibilities.  For example:

a)  My witnesses and I were never contacted by any of the county or state investigators.  This fact is especially distressing, since I am one of the few persons who have direct knowledge of certain events surrounding these 29-year-old cold cases.

b)  My letter to Attorney General Brown has never been responded to, although it was sent certified mail.

c)  Likewise my letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger was stonewalled – this is troublesome because of recent public statements made when the charges were dropped against Hughes.

d)  It is significant from a legal standpoint that the charges against Hughes were dropped “without prejudice.”  This means the charges can be brought back up by any prosecutor who has the political will to presecute this case.

e)  When the indictment was initially handed down in the most recent attempt to prosecute this case, Hughes was named in the indictment along with Glenn Heggstat and John P. Nichols, Jr.  Also named in the most recent indictment was John P. Nichols, Sr., now deceased.  It is highly irregular in any homicide case to not arrest all those on the murder indictment, once the murder indictment has gone public.  Jimmy Hughes was the only one arrested.  Heggstat and Nichols, Jr. were never arrested.

f)  What is shocking is they were allowed to remain free even when there were numerous complaints about their efforts to intimidate potential witnesses and their attempts to destroy essential evidence.  Investigators and prosecutors from both Riverside County and the California Attorney General’s office completely ignored specific complaints against Heggstat and Nichols, Jr., as they were engaged in obvious obstruction of justice violations.

In my 59 years of law enforcement and investigative experience, I have never seen a homicide investigation and/or prosecution handled in the manner of the Alvarez case, and the other related homicides.  This is a complete outrage and the public has every right to know, beyond the vague public statements made by the California State Attorney General’s office, when the charges were recently dismissed against Hughes.

It has never been clarified in the record of court proceedings or public statements as to whether or not the dismissal of charges against Jimmy Hughes means the charges in the same indictment against Glenn Heggstat and Jon P. Nichols, Jr. are also dismissed.

Something is obviously terribly wrong with this situation.  Bright sunlight has very strong sterilizing properties.  The light of day most certainly is needed in this entire investigation.

g)  The position taken by the Riverside County homicide detectives is that the motive for the murders are based solely on Alvarez threatening to blow the whistle on purported profit skimming of Indian gaming operations by the Nichols family, Whackenhut and others connected to organized crime.

h)  The reality of the situation surrounding the Alvarez homicides is what has been referred to as the Cabazon Indian Casino by law enforcement and the media was in fact a very small and dingy opertion.  This so-called casino was one large open area with less than a couple of dozen tables and some of the tables were separated by a room divider to designate a card playing area.  The other tables were designated for cafeteria sytyle meals.  Hypothetically, even if all the tables in the room had been designated for gaming, this so-called Cabazon Indian Casino was not under any circumstance capable of generating the cash flow necessary to break, even on the most basic of operating expenses.

i)  The theory of skimming as a motive for murder is thoroughly preposterous  The so-called Cabazon Indian Casino was heavily subsidized by Whackenhut and other known crime entities.  Since this casino was the only gambling operation running during the time frame of the Alvarez murders, it was merely a heavily subsidized front for other criminal operations.

j)  The intent of running the Whackenhut operation on the Cabazon Indian Reservation, with less than three dozen tribe members listed, was to serve as a sort of legal trial balloon to push Indian gaming into the U.S. Federal Court in an attempt to test the limit of Indian sovereignty.  This purpose was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on December 9, 1986 and was fulfilled in the February 25, 1987 U.S. Supreme Court decision on Indian gaming, known as THE CABAZON DECISION.

k)  It is obvious that not the Cabazon Decision, the Cabazon Indian Bingo Parlor, nor the Cabazon Hotel Casino were even in a clear planning stage in the time frame preceding the Alvarez murders in June, 1981.  Casino skimming or any other proposed Indian gaming operations were not a reality, during the critical time frame leading up to the Alvarez murders.  When the gaming operations were in fact realized many years after the Alvarez murders, they were at best, minor league operations.

l)  Indian gaming most certainly had little or no bearing on the real motives for the Alvarez murders.

m)  (70% COMPLETED)

For further details, I referred you to the following websites:

1)  Rachel Begley is the daughter of Ralph Boger, one of Hughes’ murder victims.  Her website is

2)  The enclosed news release is only a summary of my investigative report.  As stated, my complete report shall be posted on my website on or before October 9, 2010.

October 12, 2010

Meg Whitman:

You are hereby provided verifiable documentation, so too it be expected by those you seek to serve to act upon this substantial concern.

Ted Gunderson is the official investigator for Michael J. Riconoscuito.  Mr Riconoscuito figures prominantly in this case, so too Promis Software.  Michael’s story would make quite the Hollywood thriller, but probably not till he is murdered or suicided in prison.

While it’s impressive to see a woman of your stature and achievement spend over 100 million to advertise, I would find it moreso impressive if you not only challenged the old status quo but so too the Republican/Democrat control game, perhaps by referencing points disclosed in Warren Beatty and Halle Berry’s movie “Bulworth”.

This detailed report on Jerry Brown’s refusal to act in the capacity of his office and the ensuing murder and corruption be unacceptale to ignore.  Anyone spending even one hour looking into this can evidence the scope of corruption and financial gains.  I almost forgot collusion.

Should your “people” look deeply into this and wish to speak with Ted Gunderson personally I’m certain of his availability.

As you may know Ted Gunderson represents Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, America’s premier “in house” POW “Prisoner of War” who is not only clearly innocent as both Ted and Larry King and millions of others know, but the same heroin dealers are also connected to the Mumia Abu Jamal case and absolutely with the “on the field execution” of Pat Tillman.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Peter Tscherneff

* Oct 11, 2010

Ted Gunderson Intelligence Report March 2009 Intel-Pac

March 1, 2009 (Excerpts from a 20+ page report.  It will be hand delivered to Congress’ Intel committes.)

RE:  America’s Last Stand…against the U.S. Government’s ‘rogue element’ Crime & Corruption

This report is an accumulation of information taken from 30 years of investigative work, interviews of hundreds…and exhaustive research…it includes affirmations…from a former top NSA (National Security Agency) operative…analyst I have known since the 1960’s, Noel Benoist…Some…documentation is from more than 400 DVD’s in…Ted Gunderson Library and 6,500 pages of my personal reports available to the public. ( We do not advocate violence in this report.  We advocate change through legal…peaceful means…(The Constitution…is in danger of destruction.)

The Shadow Government – I have investigated…exposed corruption at all levels of government: city, county, state, and federal.  This includes a CIA child kidnapping and international trafficking organization known as “The Finders” ( (INSERT:  US NEWS & World Report’s 12/27/93 CIA Finders’ expose by US Customs and Washington, DC police): illegal narcotics activity (CIA, DEA, and U.S. Military – see my DVD list) and other criminal acts that have been covered up… INSERT:  Most Masons and government employees are loyal Americans, but many of their leaders…)

When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, they established the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branches of the Federal government, they did not realize there would eventually be a fourth unlawful…illegal secret branch…I call the”Covert Criminal Enterprise” branch, a.k.a. the “Shadow Government”.

My friend and contributor to this report, Noel Benoist, worked for this new branch operating inside NSA…The covert “Shadow Government” is involved in extensive criminal activity throughout the world including murder (assassinations), … INSERT:  U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich warned Congress two months ago about the secret assassin team operating out of the White House for the past few years, with immunity from prosecution, even arrest.  They don’t notify the CIA, even when entering other nations.)

The activities of the “Shadow Government” are covered up and protected from exposure by the misuse of “in the interest of National Security” and “need to know.”  This is covered in…detail later in this report.

The “Shadow Government” has, and is, targeting thousands…A network of victims who work with me, plus researchers and private investigators I associate with, have reached the same conclusion based on: (1) their personal experiences, (2) the unbelievable numbers of victims, and (3) the extent and intensity of the harassment. Those of us who are targeted have documented and can prove we are monitored through Internet cyber terrorism involving computers, targets of electronic energy beams from satellite, illegal telephone taps, cable TV, surreptitious entries into the home and automobile, hidden cameras…

MJ-12, a.k.a. Majestic 12, and Subsidiaries – MK-12 documents were first made public in 1978…Another copy of the same documents…was mailed to British researcher Timothy Good in 1987, again from an anonymous source…Noel Benoist confirmed the accuracy of these reports…Former TOP operative/analyst for the NSA Noel Benoist worked with and for these MJ-12 people as a protege and their Internal Affairs…Noel told them, “We are murdering world leaders including our own Presidents. We are murdering innocent civilians including our own people.  We are experimenting on people…” (INSERT: See US World & News Report’s 1/24/94 cover story exposed the CIA’s MKUltra mind control experiments at military bases,c ollege campuses, prisons and hospitals, “Human Guinea Pigs:…Radiation, Mind Control…”)

Main Stream Controlled Corporate Media – (INSERT:  David Rockefeller has ruled the secret branch of the “Shadow Government” dominating America for decades, as chairman and Senior Chairman Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  With 3,000+ members, including 300 major media owners, managers and reporters for decades, they could not report or even mention to anyone what they learn at CFR meetings, until the last couple of years, since it was secretly founded in Paris on May 19, 1919.)

The well-known former TV morning talk show host Brian Gumbel, during an interview with James Nichols (brother of Terry Nichols, the convicted Oklahoma City Bomber), sarcastically referred to me in one of his TV shows in 1995 as a conspiracy theorist.  I’m not a “conspiracy theorist,” I’m a “conspiracy realist.”

The Illuminati – The conspiracy began 236 years ago in 1773 when Meyer Rothschild announced the 25 goals to take over the world.  One of the goals was to control the press.  Gumbel is one of many in the media who are as responsible as our incompetent, inept corrupt politicians for what may be the collapse and downfall of our great nation.  The 14th goal is interesting as it applies to the current terrorist threat in America:…(Rothschild) explained the necessity of having their ‘Agentur’ always come out…and appear…when conditions had reached their lowet ebb, and the masses had been subjugated by means of want and terror.  He pointed out when it was time to restore order they should do it in such a way that the victims would believe they had been the prey..of criminals.  He said, “Be executing the criminals and lunatics after they have carried out our preconceived ‘reign of terror’ we can make ourselves appear as the saviors of the oppressed, and the champions of the workers.”…then added, “We are interested in just the opposite…in the diminution, the killing of the Goyim.” (CFR leaders are illuminati).

For example, you didn’t read or hear the following (list of issues) in the American main stream media…(Google: Nazi/CIA “Operation Paperclip.”NOTE: To read this 20+ page report, send a $5 check or money order payable to:  Ted Gunderson and Associates, 123 N. 3rd St., Beatrice, NE 68310

(For more facts, read The Franklin Cover-up:  Child Abuse, Satanism & Murder in Nebraska (CA & nationwide).  Ted Gunderson retired from the FBI, with 27+ years of service to America, as the FBI’s Los Angeles chief, the nation’s second largest field office.  To honor him, 600 attended his retirement party, including two CA governors, union leaders, Hollywood and TV dignitaries.  (For 20+ years Peter Tscherneff, a mind control victim of Dr. Mengele, has worked with this brave hero. In 8/92, Gunderson referred Doug Millar, founder of Loving Intervention for our Nation’s Children, America’s Bureau of Investigation and to Tscherneff.  Since 4/92 Millar has been a full-time investigator of violent crimes against children covered up by law “enforcers” in 15 states plus Washington DC, without charging.  He has spoken at the same events as Gunderson in seven states, including Nebraska earlier this week.)  These three men are available for speaking engagements and never charge.  (707) 396-8215

* Oct 11, 2010

Attorney General Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown

power corrupts and absolute power corrupts


I am Peter and I am telling you most resolutely

that if you should spend but one hour upon my site

your eyes may truly be opened

and more focused in the Light

for the likes of all this corruption requires acquiescence by the likes of you

and so too be its final interruption

we must acknowledge that it’s true

for you already know that serving two masters

be the recipe for all worldly disasters

knowing this and to be masters of our own fate

so cease the bleed….extinguish greed

it’s time to clean the slate

the 40 Day General Strike of schools so too Labor

set all the animals free…so too you and me…by laying down the sabre

* Oct 11, 2010

Ted Gunderson

Investigator Ted Gunderson

Corruption and Graft be my Specialty

Illusions deception been your reality

Now push has come to shove

Time for the people to arise

with the Power of True Love

any politician the main media supports

should never be considered even as last resorts

* Oct 11, 2010

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina

wake up bozos it’s far beyond funny

the media backs those backed  with money

come on have a thoughtful care

how much have Meg and I spent

for time on the air ?????

Now if instead we gave 100 grand

to every mother in need

it would have been far more sincere

and made much more so clear

that we’re not in service to greed

* Oct 11, 2010

Larry King and Tom Brokaw

Larry King

Ted your plan be beautiful just like

Redford in the Sting

It took a long while these facts to compile

so Jerry Brown be soon to sing

power and corruption is such an addiction

my latest show ’bout the movie “Conviction”

I”m angry yes quite upset

on behalf of every American Vet

after finding out that Brown and Whitman arranged the delay

for the “Pat Tillman Story” after the elections to play

* Oct 11, 2010

California Great Debate ????

Dominican’s Great Debate

What be the nature of such a debate

with only 2 of 4 candidates in the State ?

An honest public forum requires and compells

the inclusion of Chelene Nightingale so too

Laura Wells

Jerry peed his pants and cancelled last week on KGO

There’s just a little something he didn’t want you to know

If you want to see Jerry dance and get more than red in the face

simply read “Jerry Brown Investigated”

posted on myspace

So for a true opportunity in taking Jerry to task

find yourself a query on this document to ask

* Oct 9, 2010

Bicycle Coalition

American Bicycle Coalition

the politikal realm requires demolition

have a care

it’s about Love and clean air

Good Health Be the Truest Wealth

NOW to rid our State corporate corruption

requires resilient Stealth

meaning the awesome power of Love

How about Levi for Gov ????

by a Love so Fierce

all illusions to Pierce

Sooo…get on your horses

employing Almighty Forces

to cease this corruption

requires a serious interruption

By the Great California General Strike

attaining all as we would like

October 10th…40 Days and 40 Nights

till All American Sentients achieve

True Civil Rights

* Oct 8, 2010

Tim Lincecum

[Karen Rambat]

Tim Lincecum

be the Ace

Goofy Brown I’m in your face

3 Strikes and your out Motherfucker

Calling for the Student Strike so too

every commercial trucker

Meg Whitless is pathetic

money can’t buy you true Fame

You need truthful skills

in the Big League Game

you both stink real big time

deceiving corruption it spells

Is the Candidate for the Green Party

that smart Laura Wells ????

* Oct 8, 2010

Remove the Yoke

[Brandon ladyhit Jackson]

Removing the Yoke

no longer slave servant or politikal joke

no longer subdued by the Lack of Knowledge

Students arise at Dominican College

so too all Students thru-out California

Goofy Brown and Meg Whitless be sure NOW I warn ya

Stupid is as stupid does said Forest Gump

these Students aren’t stupid NOW to grant you the “BUMP”

Goofy and Whitless be servants to mammon’s money

this fiscal fiasco now understood as intentionally fabricated is really quite funny

Personally and many might agree it be prudent

to place in the Governors Seat a wise California Student

Or Dolores Huerta might be a good choice

on behalf of workers she’d be a True Voice

Or maybe Mary Tillman, you know murdered Pat Tillman’s MOM

On behalf of our Veterans She would be the Bomb

for we’re both tired and clear of the politikal profusion

of media manipulation and mammon’s illusion

the Great California General Strike and the Students Command

to cease their greed and truly lead

into the Promised Land

* Oct 8, 2010

the Ruby Red Horse


The Ruby Red Horse

Comes NOW the hour of Power

of the Ruby Red Horse

upon this nation thru Revelation

a most fiercesome Force

this old corrupt system is rusted and busted

and the people herein are dam well disgusted

the Federal Bankers dollar ain’t worth but a dime

as the religulas politicians hang tight to their crime

Brown and Whitless debate and their incessant bullshit doth swells

they have eliminated the Green Party candidate the well spoke Laura Wells

so what is the true nature of the Brown Whitless debate

obscuring true concerns as old Rome burns

fingerpointen and hate

there be Righteous Anger in Thee Eyes of Almighty Creator

the Student/Labor must rise to BeCome Liberator

to cut through their bullshit Comes an Almighty Force

Corrupt Deceivers got nowhere to turn

their facade now to burn

by the Ruby Red Horse

* Oct 8, 2010

Whitless and Brown

Meg Whitless and Goofy Brown

an overpaid rich bitch and a catholic clown

like coke and pepsi they seek to condense

the public and media focus away from commonsense

what happened to the Pat Tillman Story

that was set to play

Whitless and Goofy pulled strings for the delay

neither one cares about farmworkers or even our vets

and especially how Tillman was murdered

as heavy as it gets

the Rumsfeld/Bush heroin cabal

murdered Tillman and Honest Officer Daniel Faulkner while Jamal took the fall

they murdered Dr Jeffrey MacDonalds two young daughters and his pregnant wife

blamed “heroin whistleblower” Green Beret MacDonald convicted…double life

Now Goofy Brown has been provided all this info in detail

this fuckin turd hasn’t said a word

put him in prison w/o any bail

I agree with Sister Jane Kelley

Excommunicate all patriarchel pedophiles and deceivers since they crawl on their          belly knowing that most Catholic people are truly among the best

the Mother Church should be run by Holy Women, you’ll have then passed the test

* Oct 7, 2010

October 10, 2010


October 10th cease the Death Penalty

By the Almighty Hammer of Solidarity

murder is murder quite the deathly harm

Thru the Eyes of Almighty so too on the Farm

Nationwide Protests turn into the Strike

Quit askin NOW be taskin to attain as we’d like

I was present in Philly back in 1981

I saw the cop murdered and who shot the gun

be completely certain about Mumia Abu Jamal

He was in fact set up to be killed while takin the fall

Read into my blog for the truth of this case

it was all about heroin and not about race

who prosecuted Jamal…the current Governor Fast Eddie Rendell

otherwise known as the “Cracked Liberty Bell”

Now you students should know Jamal’s out of APPEALS

next to meet the executioner no room for any deals

you really think it’s time to be sitting in class

or flexing your muscle and doing the hustle while kicking some ass

there’s ONLY ONE THING these corrupt assholes don’t wish to see

is a rivetting GENERAL STRIKE

drawing attention to these issues

from the likes of Thee

go on spend but one hour to comprehend your power

on my humble blogsite


* Oct 7, 2010

UC Berkeley California Students

UC Berkeley Students of California

I am Peter hear to warn ya

currently the most powerful people on the PLANET

should you choose to be standing on GRANITE

Rivet the entire world by the General Strike

Till we attain true justice as we would like

October 10th be most excellent to start

make the choice thru your Almighty Heart

the politikal animal will never do what is right

YOU have the power to heal, to seal the Deal, to finish the fight

the teachers will never lead yet most will follow

religions are for pigeons deceiving and hollow

Required from you be the Greatest Boycott, the Mother of All

Freeing all factory farmed Sentients

so too Peltier and Jamal

you know most everyone is pissed but don’t know what to do

they will follow the Leader and the Leader must Be You

show up at Dominican for the bullshit governors debate

w/o violence shout them down for neither candidate be worthy

neither one does rate

maybe you’d like Dolores Huerta in the Governors seat

just spend on hour on my blog says “Cactus Pete”

It Be NOW your choice to change everything…or nothing at all


the Mother of All

* Oct 5, 2010

Read to Learn or Burn


Are we subjects of the Government or are they Public Servants? King George was Sovereign and everyone was his subject until 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed.  The revolution was fought to gain ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’. ‘We the People did establish and ordain…’ the Constitution which in turn created a Corporate Trust – the United States of America.  The People became sovereign as stated in Supreme Court cases: “…at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the poeple, and they are truly the sovereigns without subjects…with none to govern but themselves…” CHISHOLM v. GEORGIA (US) 2 Dall 419, 44, 1 L Ed 440, 455 @DALL (1793) and: “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not law, but in our system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts.” Yick Wo v. Hopkins 118 U.S. 35;  S.Ct. 1064 (1886) and:

“The people of this State, as the successors of its former sovereign, are entitled to all the rights which formerly belonged to the King by his prerogative.” Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wend. 9 (N.Y.) (1829), 21 Am.Dec. 89 10C Const.Law Sec. 298; 18 C Em.Dom. Sec. 3,228 37 C  Nav.Wat. Sec 219; Nuls Sec. 167; 48 C Wharves Sec. 3, 7.

So what does it mean to be Sovereign? For one we are created equal as is declared in the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  There are four forms of Law declared in the Constitution; Common Law, Equity, Admiralty and Maritime.  On the land we have common law, and unless we physically injure or breech a contract we don’t have to answer to anyone.  We have an unlimited right to contract and a RIGHT to keep the fruit of our labor.  The only tax allowed to be enforced by the Feds is an excise tax or duty on imports. As Excise tax is voluntary as a tax on cigarettes or gasoline, as you can choose not to purchase these items and avoid the tax.  The money changers started the first Bank almost immediately after the birth of the nation supported by Alexander Hamilton whose backers are the Rothchilds.  The Bank has a 20 year charter and then when it runs out the Congress intends to not renew it.  The Rothchilds force England to attack the United States and the War of 1812 is fought and the White House is burned down and the original Constitution ‘for’ the United States is lost.  The pressure is too great and the Congress allows a second national Bank existence.  Andrew Jackson is elected with the slogan ‘no more Banks’ and is successful in eliminating the National Bank for the first and only time in this nations history.  He has an assassination attempt on him he intimates is done by the Rothchilds.  His tombstone reads “I killed the Bank’. Lincoln comes to power and he declares Martial Law and a Naional Emergency because the Southern States secede from the union.  The Southern states are paying 87% of the import duties supporting the Federal government.  Lincoln states he has no intention of ‘freeing the slaves’ and suspends Habeas Corpus (the right to know why you are being imprisoned) while he jails 30,000 Northerners who are rebelling against the Civil War.  Lincoln without any lawful cause ends up killing 620,000  Americans.  The Bankers offer him 24% interest to fund his war effort so he issues GreenBacks from the Treasury and is killed while his Secret Service guards leave their post.  Lincoln in a prophetic moment states: “Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed” (1864). As Benjamin Franklin stated: “The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money (colonial script), which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.  The inability of the colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George 3rd, and the international Bankers was the PRIME reason for the Revolutionary War”.  Lincoln issues Executive Order #1 and thus declares himself King, as only Congress can make laws, and only the Supreme Court can judge them Constitutional. In 1868 the 14th amendment is allegedly ratified and creates subjects out of UNITED STATES Citizens. It states, “All persons born in the United States AND subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States…”  So if you claim you are a citizen of the United States (a term that did not have any legal significance before the 14th amendment) you are subject.  A subject is a slave, and is not Sui Juris or sovereign.  You must claim your sovereignty and that you are NOT a 14th amendment citizen to be free of the ‘rules’ created by the Federal Government that apply to its ‘subjects’.  The Congress adjourns Sine Die in 1861 and abandons the Republic.  In 1871 the Congress without any constitutional authority creates a new Corporation UNITED STATES, INC. to carry on in the Martial Law aftermath that continues today and has never ceased to be.  A peace treaty was never signed after the Civil War.  The Lieber Code was commissioned by Lincoln and it states:  Article 1: “A place, district, or country occupied by an enemy stands, in consequence on the occupation, under the Martial Law of the invading or occupying enemy, whether an proclamation declaring Martial Law, or any public warning to the inhabitants, has been issued or not…” Also that all property would now belong to the occupying army.  Would your local police force, sheriff and state troopers qualify as a standing army?  The logic that an enemy could be your own soldiers might qualify in the southern states but how could you apply that to the northern states?  The corporation DBA UNITED STATES does everything in its power to keep the People from returning to the Republic that is their right to return to.  The first mandatory school attendance is started by military coercion in the 1880’s and the first Marriage license issued by the Government also occurs in the 1880’s.  The elements of a lawful contract are 1.  A ‘meeting of the minds’ must occur or ‘full disclosure’ i.e. you have to know what you are bargaining for, 2.  Valuable conideration must be exchanged (a promise to pay is valuable consideration), 3.  Offer and acceptance must be evidenced by 2 wet-ink signatures or both parties would offer and accept verbally (this would make each equally liable to be sued for breech).  Most of the contracts we get into today do not meet these qualifications, including Mortgage loans, car loans, credit card applications, Marriage licenses, Drivers licenses, and any license from the STATE.  In 1864 the Banking Act which is still current law allows Banks to ‘loan’ money after depositing a ‘promissory note’, denies Banks the right to ‘loan’ their depositors money, denies the Banks the privilege of ‘loaning their credit’ and denies the Banks the right to own property through a mortgage for more than 5 years.  In Modern Money Mechanics from the Chicago Federal Reserve they state that the Bank assets INCREASE upon making loans.  How?  When they deposit your promissory note, that increases their assets and that funds the check to the ‘seller’ and NO MONEY is loaned to you.  The Bank creates the money for the seller from  thin air by depositing your promissory note.  They then sell the promissory note without crediting your account or telling you and turn it from an ‘unsecured security instrument’ into a securitized instrument which is illegal under the S.E.C. rules.  When the Banks foreclose they don’t have the wet-ink signed promissory note.  If I go to the Bank with a photocopy of a check and try to cash it will they? NO. The whole system is based upon our confidence that paper with green ink on it has real value.  When someone stops accepting it, the value will plummet to its true replacement cost – $0.  In 1984 President Reagan ordered the Grace commission to study the IRS tax issues.  They stated that essentially 100% of the tax collected went to pay interest on the debt to the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is a Private corporation that creates an “elastic” currency (unconstitutional under article 1. section 8-5, section 10) from ‘thin air’ and loans it at interest to make the whole country into debtor slaves whom haven’t borrowed anything of value but are forced to exchange their labor which has value in repayment.  Watch Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo, MoneyMasters, Zeitgit addendum.  The rules in court are that ‘failure to object, means you agree’, so if you don’t know your rights, and claim your rights you can’t get your rights.  Administrative remedy is sending affidavits off, proof of service, certified mail stating your belief and making the opposition answer with factual evidence in the form of a sworn affidavit or lose the right to object later.  We can hold government officials accountable by their failure to justify their authority in sworn affidavit form. Common Law grand juries of 25 good people can hold anybody accountable.  Lets be the change. “a slave is someone who waits for another to free him:” Ezra Pound.  Learn more at,

* Oct 5, 2010

Workable Solution regarding both jobs and migrants

Forefront Points to be clear on:

1) the so-called migrant problem(illegals

and so on was intentionally permitted to

escalate)….this was done so as to pit

fingerpointing groups against each other

and make money via Law Enforcement.

It took 40 years to reach this point and

“ALL OF A SUDDEN” we have this


The United Farm Workers recently offerred any/all Americans “JOBS”

as farm workers….3 million Americans viewed the opportunity on the net and a Grand Total of 7 Americans reported for Day One of work….both hilarious and telling..

Commercial Farming and processed foods

including all Monsanto specials are absurd and quite insane

The 14 Acre Urban South Los Angeles Gardens were a perfect Blueprint where-as ANY American Migrant (and we are all migrants) could make deals with landowners to similarly grow hundreds/thousands of such gardens full of healthy,organic heirloom veggies, fruits, greens….offering the landowner 10% of each garden…WORK for EVERYONE…right ???  RIGHT !!!!

Afterall we all eat…..every picture you’ve ever seen of the Promised Land be of large Beautiful Gardens with children and animals….and the animals are never on the dinner plate…..

Maybe that’s why religions never focus on the fact that Jesus walked as a vegetarian…like Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, Coretta Scott King and Albert Einstein to name a few

And who is calling anyone illegal anyway?

Washington DC…lawyers….Whackenhut prison industry stockholders and those

who have been so easily lied to all their lives regarding the international bankers funding every war …foreign or domestic !

* Oct 5, 2010


Welcome to the writings of Peter Tscherneff

this is hardly a fancy site yet the information is both often poetic and rather illuminating…

Jerry Brown has been provided many investigative documents solving numerous child crimes in California….specifically but not limited to Amber Swartz Garcia and so too the Kevin Collins missing child case…..he and others have refused to act upon this information….WHY ? Especially since I, Peter Tscherneff am an acknowledged 1st person witness/participant to these crimes……

well the answer is simple….it involves very powerful men in ritual crimes protected by what’s best described as a Nazi/Catholic/CIA cabal….I am hardly the sole witness to this….which is why Jerry quickly and fearfully cancelled the debate on KGO scheduled this morning…

Dig into this blog 20-30 pages and details will emerge that mainstream media will never address

thank-you for your time and concern

* Oct 2, 2010

Speaking Truth to Power……Senator Pat Wiggins

Speaking Truth to Power

so as to blossom a beautiful flower

I heard that black preacher

I told him “Bullshit”

Wake up you misled…recognize the Pit

the politikal animal be a corrupt “clusterfuck”

only a Strike by Students and Labor

will lay down the Sabre

park every commercial truck

Jerry Brown is a liar whose pants soon be set a fire

Hardly I’m jokin, they’re already smokin

by deception desire

Meg Whitman’s no answer, she will increase the cancer

just a rich bitch politikal prancer

Neither one a viable choice

where to find a truthful voice ????

Find someone worthy who wishes not to run

then back him and support him

it could be great fun

Now Michael Fiumara might be such a man

He possess true courage and a workable plan

He’s put fear in the hearts of corrupt cops and the pedophile church

Brown has protected murdering pedophiles go do a netsearch

Meg is a dreg backed by corrupt Feds and the dollars

Be clear I warn to control California

all migrants and parolees forever in collars

Boycott all health insurance …car insurance as well

Seeking the Promised Land ????

or to enjoy where we dwell ???

And forget the argument about funding schools

what nature of education in this nation of fools !!!

Even Arnold the Governator

indicated the “people” to be Liberator

“When the people RISE up against this corruption and greed”

he said in January 2006 refers to the GENERAL STRIKE

or just lay there and bleed

* Oct 2, 2010


Jerry Brown got secrets concealed

the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

presents them revealed

Put on your seatbelts for this murderous ride

What’s Jerry hiding about the Cabazon Tribe

Jerry Brown disregarded my investigative

report Ted Gunderson so says

about a terroristic group, gun running

and 3 murders including Fred Alvarez

No statute of Limitations for murder

so Jerry be COMPLICIT indeed

bigtime corruption, raw power and greed

Just who is Michael Riconosciuto and connection to Promis Software ????

He PROVED the Dept of Justice’s

corruption, he could and did DARE

Jerry is good friends with John P Nichols

and pedophile Cardinal Mahoney

murderer’s and MK Molesters

protected by certain courts

and much media baloney

WHAT BE the Nature of this Message


It be a Fact its’ time We Act


Yes Jerry the Jesuit the Sodomite

he’s participated in ritual kills

like Mahoney the nazi sodomite pedophile

raping young children such thrills

Oh, this pre-arranged media story

about Meg Whitman’s housemaid

Agreed by each public commonsense to impeach, true focus waylaid

* Sep 25, 2010

Progressive Alice

Progressive Alice

your “Progressive Apathy” appears as malice

I see, I say it, so it be for all to see

say I, Progressive Alice

Would all this insanity be happening in France ????

Not for a minute because they do DANCE !

Most speakers here be hollow and whiny

bullshit booksellers like Solomon and Heiny

and if I want to piss in public and pick my nose

it’d be far more entertaining than Cynthia Boaz

Tired of all this murderous corruption and greed ????

Get off your sorry ass…GENERAL STRIKE….LEAD !!!!

Time for an ACTION, ya THINK !!!!

I like Medea Benjamin, Major Code Pink

America’s Nelson Mandela be Mumia Abu Jamal

Clarified and verified “Innocent”

Mother of All Boycotts NOW the Call

The INTEGRITY of Every Veteran be in Dr Jeffrey MacDonald’s prison cell

the Shackled American Eagle is Leonard Peltier…ring a BELL ???

All the answers you need be in your Hand so to your Heart

Quit masturbating and Come

as Master Beings NOW Start !

* Sep 23, 2010


netsearch to verify:

Dale Griffis Tiffin Police Chief…Law Enforcement Educator Specializing

in identifying powerful pedophile

protected operations

Mark Phillips and Cathy O”Brien youtubes

describing 1st hand experiance of MK Ultra

organized pedophile programs

Ron Patton interviews Marion Knox: Master Plan of the Illuminated Rothschilds

Elana Freeland interviews Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman:Sodomy is the Key

thank you for your concern and for educating yourself w knowledge

certainly missing in college…peter

* Sep 22, 2010


Pedophile Bobby Wadman, former Police Chief of Omaha, Nebraska…left town……

Pedophile Bobby Wadman briefly secured a Police Chief position in N. Carolina where he slandered Child Advocate, war hero, and former Senator John DeCamp….Criminal Bobby Wadman lost another court case and again….left town……

Bobby Wadman is supposedly the top dog (pedophile) regarding State Security here in Utah….that’s both a laugh so too clear commentary verifying that the LDS Patriarchel Pedophile leadership are MK Ultra trained Sodomites on par with the child molestors running the vatican from the pope on down…..

To all students please know there be VOLUMES of verifying documents and VICTIM Testimonies (Bobby’s child victims)

so too the Nazi MK psychological origins.

Joseph Smith like Bobby Wadman

progressive powermad pedophiles

* Sep 21, 2010

Battle Hymn

Battle Hymn

The Lights in America are rather dim

Already arrived Be Almighty’s Battle Hymn

You might be a Veteran a Trucker a Roofer

a Farmer a Student a 9-11 Truther

Arrived have We at this place and Time

Warriors of the Living Lord

to cease the untoward

all its corruption and crime

of enemies we face either foreign or domestic

International sodomite bankers be both

so We must be Majestik

for they rule the politicians and religions

most catholics and Mormons been sodomized pigeons

and most never know it and yet can’t explain

why the wealthy sodomites stay wealthy

while their own lives be stressed and insane

Now my name be Peter and I am that

I am

In 2003 broke their complex programming

now their ruthless game I will DAMN

A local example at Utah’s Weber College

A most powerful PEDOPHILE be presenting false knowledge

He rapes young girls so too little boys

a maligned former cop who likes guns and sexual toys

protected by blackmail and high ranking

Pedophile Sodomites at LDS

Bob Wadman your NOW to be grounded

quite seriously surrounded

soon you’ll be crying like a young girl with some heavy PMS

Alisha Owen was 13 you raped and left her with a child

NOW the Power with Me you”re soon to see

far more than you could ever handle

unpredictable and Wild

so too I’m certain your students should know and be wary

you are complicit in the murder of an 8 year old boy so too Gary Caradori

* Sep 21, 2010

Adam’s Road

Marie Osmond and the New

Missionaries “Adams Road”

I’m Marie Osmond well known Mormon star

Unless we serve the True Spirit

we won’t get very far

I know well television, it’s money & INTRUSION


for greed it’s sowing and selling

My Spirit Be Rebelling

Women Awaken and join me please


to mammon….my Spirit be Bursting and yelling

You nedd to hear the NEW ADAM”S Road singers singin a truthful song

they sing the words of Jesus

Lord Almighty Appease US

Women Arise NOW Be Strong !!!!

the old world comes NOW to a riot

Be True to yourself via Diet

fruits, nut butters and veggies fresh

be free of all dairy and flesh

for anything requiring bloodflow

be of mammons ols status quo

I’m choosing to serve Almighty’s Command

for my children to love and live in the

True Promised Land

for truly truly I Love the Living Lord

than any confused man

* Sep 21, 2010

the Good Mormon doctor

The Good Mormon Doctor

According to the good Dr Ann Blake-Tracy

statistically Mormon women are 5x more spacey

why oh why a condition so incessant ????

Prescribed 5X more the anti-depressant

Part of a conspiracy designed to beguiles ?

Will you plz google Ted Gunderson Files ?

so too give a good read on the book

on Prozac by expert Dr Tracy

go on have a LOOK

and if True Spirit and Determination

you GOT !

Wisdom Be to Truly See

listen up to the good Dr True Ott !!!!

Book of Mormon

the Book of Mormon contains a fact

information upon which it be time to act

Our tie to the Indians has long been clear

So be now understanding of Leonard Peltier !!!!

“Mammon shall know Time standing still

deliver to mammon NOW thee bitter Pill

until 2 Long Locked Doors Be Open

Know I am Peter Iam True Spoken

If for True Freedom we truly do thirst

RELEASE We Must Peltier

Who’s behind the First

Rambo Be a Mormon

Far more fierce than Stormin Norman

Lt Col Bo Gritz inspired “Rambo” the Mormon

CIA drug dealing, mind control programs

still concealing

their connections to the catholic and mormon churches we be revealing

A very active connection nationwide to most serious Special Forces

the Final Battle requires Almighty Warrior Horses

* Sep 21, 2010

Kingdom of Priests

Kingdom of Priests

the Mormon’s have been Chosen

NOW Awakened Be Arosen

Gordon Hinckley spoke on Restoration

be Direct True Spirit Preparation

and recall Brother Gawain Wells

& the True nature of Mormon Church Bells

the Deepest Truth NOW you Hear it

uniting true Hearts together by Spirit

You think you’ll really find the Promised Land ????

by blindly following a blinded man ???

the Heart be the True Church

your Belly the Temple

the Battle before US be far more than mental

Who would dare to believe

I’d unveil the evil deceivers who for centuries still deceive ????

To Be Truly in Service to the Living Lord

Can you afford to be fooled by the historic untoward ????

Even former President Eldon Tanner

said “Women, be not fooled by man’s manner”

for You Truly Be Almighty’s Daughters

Fully Arise from Mormon Waters

Truly You Be worthy and able

to lead them all at the Sacraments Table

Jesus Said ” As you do unto the Least of Me you do unto yourselves

Animal Flesh and alcohol maintains mammon’s elves”

For the True Kingdom of Priests

both love and serve the Lost and the Leasts

* Sep 21, 2010

Salt Lake City

Wildfire Baptism

As I flew into Utah I looked down and saw smoke

an evil dark spell to be burned to be broke

For the 2nd Baptism been said be of Fire

and those w/ True Hearts for sure to Rise Higher

Yes, just like the Martrix”s myriad profusion

We certainly been born to a world of illusion

A Non-Profit status for every religion ?

Our Critical Thinking capacity less than a pigeon ????

All major religions in service to mammon

providing as well for sataniels backgammon

We know somethings wrong but continue pretending

that we’re on the right path to avoiding the wrath…on the road neverending

As to the catholics and Latter Day Saints

regarding honesty…Neither one “aint’s”

Patriarchel cults demanding power and control

truly your obediance, money and children be their goal !!!!

Ruled by Sodomite majicians

opposing Celestial musicians

3 year olds pedophiles prefer to be with

says Master Mason pedophile

known as joseph Smith

the Wildfire burns Brightly thru the nite

Awaken my Beautiful Heart

together United We Start

from the Ark to the Spark

from the Darkness Comes NOW the LIGHT

* Sep 17, 2010

the Patriot

Dear Fellow Central Pennsylvanians:

This fellow Peter really is the King of Street Theatre

Most astute with some excellent rhymes

a True Patriot be no slave to New York Times

He’s proven to me and for all to see

it’s time to General Strike in SOLIDARITY

I’ll support Honest Law Enforcement

not the International bankers

They murdered Lincoln and Kennedy

and build oil tankers

and they own the IRS certainly not

an American institution

Open your eyes for a true Resolution

* Sep 17, 2010


Marcellus Shale is just like Carbon County

raping the land is criminal and no bounty

Pennsylvanians unite to do as you should

uncanny indeed Rendell looks like LaHood

you call living life as a “spectator dolt”

or be it time for an insurance/tax REVOLT

Freedom isn’t granted/ we must CLAIM

through an ACTION in Almighty’s Name

politicians cannot/ not for them to do

Go look in the mirror so too be clearer

Students/workers/Vets it’s up to YOU

Hear it by Spirit

Martin waged a Gandhian war

against the corporate store……and WON

Students and Labor must lay down the Sabre…thru the Strike to Shine as ONE

To Soar as an Eagle

as this Regal Beagle

it’s Time for the

Great American

General Strike

* Sep 16, 2010

Marcellus Shale go to Prison no Bail

Should we allow Marcellus Shale

Rape My Mother go to Prison

without Bail

already a done deal they paid off

Governor Rendell

still haven’t figured out why Pennsylvania

got the “Cracked Liberty Bell”

Fat Cat Politiks same ol’ status quo

two million payoff for the Casino ?

Pennsylvanians gettin screwed

from every direction

Do you suppose it be time for peaceful


what might happen if we all took a STAND

Miracle of Miracles Ever So GRAND ?

* Sep 16, 2010

Pennsylvanians Taken a Stand

Pennsylvanians taken a Stand

1) by October 1st we have spoken to each other and agreed to cease any and all intimidation by the International Bankers Cabal…we have contacted friends statewide

to meet here on the Capitol steps October 10th

2)therefore we have by unified agreement ceased paying any taxes on anything, any insurance on ANYTHING, any and all licenses/registrations on “OUR” horseless carriages and ceased purchasing/ingesting

any animal flesh or animal by-product(which are all subsidized and poisoned by slow kill genocidal vaccines)(know anybody w cancer ????)

3)since men are confused as to how to act

women resort to a proven tact

upon your man present a hex


or you get NO Sex !!!!

4) Fully comprehend “”

Then start printing American Currency

and utilizing “Your” new American

“interest FREE” banking program

Incidentally we have all refused (ceased)

paying any mortgages or rents as of

October 1st…..PERMANENTLY…..who

does this harm besides the bankers ???

Did you know that your 1044 payments

goes straight into the pocket of the

Rockefellers and Rothschilds after

being cashed in Europe.

5) WE are the Government….the president, the governors, senators etc are governmental “Servants” right ??? RIGHT ?

Since WE ARE the Government…ACT LIKE IT…and Law Enforcement will be at our service….not the International Bankers….get it my friends…GET IT ????

6)Let’s make a SWEET DEAL with our farmers…half of their land turned into tennis court sized gardens for public gardening whereas every garden donates 10% to the farmer….everyone gets to garden

7) how about construction work on the farm????…How about “ten Thousand” football field sized GREENHOUSE OPERATIONS….organic….hydroponic….solar and/or wind energized….work for everyone.

Even work for those former pencilpushing insurance and tax weasels.

8) the 40 Day General Strike Frees Peltier and Jamal and ourselves….unless there’s a better offer on the horizon….shut up and get busy !!!!!

* Sep 16, 2010

Push comes to Shove in Pennsylvania, America

Push Comes To Shove

I’ll side w/ Almighty’s Love

so too Almighty’s Spirit

this message do you hear it ?

regarding corruption and greed

which we certainly don’t need

given to us to “clear it”

for the road goes on forever

and the party never ends

Comes NOW the “Mother of All Boycotts”

and the message that it sends

for the greed that’s gripped this nation

be that god called mammon

here’s the seed & the means to change

the station

while ceasing Sataniel’s backgammon

So NOW if you’re retired

or homeless on the street

embrace this here true message

they call me “Cactus Pete”

With this here revitalizing knowledge

go visit the high schools and college

& UNITE w/ the students

as would Gandhi and King

the 40 Day Strike

attaining All as We’d LIKE

Be NOW the Path & Song We Sing

ceasing “Our” Labor for the city,

State or County

Attain We NOW the Promised Land’s Bounty

Over Animals and Earth We were given Domain

not to plunder and murder

in this world gone insane

But to Love and to Cherish

to ignore Be to Perish

For True Freedom Do We Thirst

Simply FREE the Animals FIRST

* Sep 16, 2010

Terminating the Death Penalty

October 10th on the steps of Pennsylvania’s Capitol join thousands of students, workers,veterans…the True Americans to hear Governor Eddie Rendell (if he hasn’t been arrested yet) free Mumia Abu Jamal, Leonard Peltier and sign off on the Death Penalty (here’s joking and hoping for Eddie’s sake)….on October 10th being America’s Anti-Death Penalty Awareness and Action Day

* Sep 11, 2010

September 11

September 11th

google 9/11 truth Architects and Engineers

more people die everyday from the “Incremental Genocidal Vaccine Program” mandated in 1951….every cow n pig given vaccines designed to present multi-dimensional disbursement

of various diseases and cancers nationwide….dig into this writing blog to see who and how (7,500 people a day)

google “Gospels of the Holy Twelve”

are you tired of all the media deceit….if you are on this site you have already been provided a means to research intelligently

* Aug 28, 2010

Southern Cross

Southern Cross

the Southern Cross be set on Fire

Almighty See Almighty Be

Lord take US Higher

Spirit of Jesus

Good Lord appease US

claim True Hearts

Almighty seize US

fill my Heart with Your Power

as these words I read

For Your Power to Reign

over all the insane

so too mammon’s greed

for till we act it remains a fact

this world belongs to mammon

who be untoward to Almighty Lord…allowing Satanial’s backgammon

So I am speakin to thee in Tennessee

and the blue grass state of Ken-tucky

to those I spoke to and said hello

and the Mother of All Boycotts ceasing the status quo

Risen have I from the depths of hell

only united do we weld

the Liberty Bell

I see you thru any color of skin

Apathy be the greatest sin

I see you all and know

where you’ve been

White people Black people

I’ll say it out loud

I be walkin thru a Rainbow Cloud

our Hearts be Fierce

our Hearts Be Kind

illusions Pierce requiring

clear state of mind

both Lincoln and Kennedy challenged the Fed

so the international banksters

shot them dead

yes America be crying

in this trial of tears

as we’ve disregarded

Jamal, MacDonald and Peltier

American Heroes for over 30 years

for those who seek to save their lives shall die

Who speaks the truth and who does lie

politicians forever in service to morticians

my Spirit within hears

the Celestial Musician

* Aug 26, 2010

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin————Military Heroes

As a Christian Woman who s on a Mission

Hearing the Spirit as Celestial Musician

By seeking Peace, we need cease war

And any service to the corporate store

From International banksters America we claim

Women before politics Arise in His Name

A Tribute to Ranger Pat Tillman

And his Mother Mary

The Power of Women United

No longer contrary

For my VP mate I m looking to Cynthia McKinney

A truthspeaking Warrior & no corporate ninney

Together we focus & free a hero who s

Caught my eye

Proven innocent by highly esteemed Ted Gunderson

Former Chief of FBI

I m speaking of Surgeon Dr Jeffrey MacDonald

An Honorable Courageous Green Beret

Who blew the whistle on terrorists

That continue to betray

Please net search  YouTube  for both  Cynthia McKinney

Grills Donald Rumsfeld  and  Dennis Kucinich Grills Donald Rumsfeld





America s premier truthspeaking radical poet

Peter Tscherneff aka Cactus Pete peterpeace1

* Aug 26, 2010

Glenn Beck


I called this meeting for all to see

How Faith in God can change history

America to cease corruption by the untoward

True Hearts follow the Living Lord

Over Earth and animals we were granted domain

Harming either one be truly insane

Death Row in slaughterhouses so too prison

Thru Love we cease for to Be Arisen

Clint Eastwood in Absolute Power

Revealing high level crime

Share this Almighty message

Here written in rhyme

Catholic hierarchy pedophiles

Make me sick to my belly


Be Sister Jane Kelley

I received an  EXPLOSIVE  affidavit

About Jamal on Death Row

On this new turn of events

I must do a show

For an  INNOCENT  fellow journalist

Locked up over 30 years

Just like Leonard Peltier

So sayeth the seer

Now the world s walking a

True Trial of Tears

* Aug 24, 2010

the Mosque….Linus explains

the Mosque…Linus explains

Linus convenes the Conference

of Architects and Engineers

to clarify truthfully to you and

all your peers

for we’re witnessing the “second round”

of an insulting “public campaign”

A “Psychological Operation”

via mainstream media’s domain

by pointing fingers at Muslim religions

like Christians and Jews

so confused by the news

as a bunch of divided pigeons

Fearmongering to keep people afraid

So I just asked all my friends

in the third grade

“Does heat go down or does it rise”?

a thousand 3rd graders answered

with no surprise

“Yes heat goes up just like the smoke,

two planes knocking down 3 buildings

who wrote this joke” ???

A “penetrator” missile slammed the Pentagon known as the Reservation

No plane parts there or Pennsylvania anywhere so what’s the hesitation ?

Just speak the Truth

their story lacks proof

Every floor detonated

from the ground to the roof

military drones flew into the Towers

that fateful morning

yet another clue for the likes of you

the Navy received a clear warning

so regarding the “missing” passengers

a proper memorium

all cremated out of sight

at the Culpepper Crematorium !

* Aug 24, 2010

Sister Jane Kelley

Sister Jane Kelley

Sister Jane Kelley Matriarch of

the Catholic Church

She’s passed the test…She is the Best

verified by netsearch

with that scheming pedophile Levada

She publicly went toe to toe

for the Mother Church to be run by

pedophiles…not an acceptable status quo

She challenged bishop Zieman

She slapped him in the face

for the bishop conspires w/ molesting liars

to cover up every case

these cardinals and bishops raping babies

or drinking at the bar

time to Act it Be a Fact

application chicken feathers so too

some oily tar

Sister Kelley Be a True Hero

She’s helped the victims cope

catholic patriarchy NOW ex-communicated

Sister Kelley Be NOW the Pope

It’s time for All Catholic Women

to rid the Church of this male fraud

the Goddess Arisen breaking chains of this prison

True Service to Almighty God

* Aug 18, 2010


Peter Alexander Tscherneff

I was abused by catholic priests

on both the East and West Coasts….Timmons and Dr Maurice Wolin we’re among some of my West Coast abusers in the 80’s. I have been diagnosed as “Dis-Associated Identity Dis-Order” which resulted from

organized pedophile based MK Ultra programming.I wonder how much longer the media will disregard the 1st hand witness information I have provided in regards to the Amber Swartz Garcia and Kevin Collins missing child cases. Cardinal Mahoney was but one of many present

in the abuse and murder of the young catholic virgin Kevin Collins. Am I correct in stating that there still is no statute of limitations for murder ???????

* Aug 18, 2010

Clear in Gear minus all Fear

Clearly in Gear minus all Fear

the Art of Rap elevating SNAP

they do not love the Lost and Leasts

talkin bout these pedophile priests

of the CIA/Nazi patriarchel pedophile church

full of murder crime and corruption

comes NOW an Almighty interuption

for this catholic hierarchy makes me sick

in the belly

all say hurray for Sister Jane Kelley

deceivers crime syndicate lies have collided

Warriors arisen to break the chains of this prison no longer divided

we will stand with the mothers whose sons

the military killed

we’ll stand with the Death Row inmate

against a media so chilled

we’ll stand with the migrants who know of Santana’s Abraxas

Being foolish no more we cease paying

all taxes

Joey Piscetelli like Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, Jesus and Coretta Scott King

all vegetarians for Almighty’s love of Sentients their hearts do sing

We together Arise w/o compromise

boycotting all greed till the corporate demise

40 days and 40 nights for the

General Strike

Be the hidden Path and Leap of Faith

attaining all as we’d like

* Aug 12, 2010

foreclosure and murder

Foreclosures….over 92 thousand

foreclosures… repossesions this last July 2010

there is no Statute of Limitations for murder,right ???

Lincoln and Kennedy were both

executed by agents for the

international usurist banks,right

? ? ? ? ?> ? ? ? ?????????????

Everyone ceases paying rents and mortgages and communities keep families in their homes

especially if they have been foreclosed on,sound about right

???????????????????    ??????

Bush Senior was one of the CIA operatives present in Dallas the day Kennedy was

terminated, right ????

and there is no Statute of Limitations on murder, right ????????????????????????

Power of the People in service

to Almighty Creator makes us

the power and Liberator, RIGHT ?

* Aug 12, 2010


Ted Gunderson retired as FBI Chief of the Los Angeles Bureau in 1979 after 27 years of service. Today as an active “public”

investigator. Gunderson and associates are

unmatched in the realm of ability, skill, contacts and honor. After meeting Peter Tscherneff in 1989 he has made 8 trips to Sonoma County w/o charging for his services, due to the ongoing nature of “cover-ups” and corruption regarding violent crimes against children.Gunderson is well versed in “organized” abuse, child pornography,mind control agendas,and occult murders. He has interviewed hundreds of traumatized victims displaying

what is professionally referred to as

“dis-associative identity disorder”.

In 2003 Gunderson and investigator Doug Millar visited Tscherneff in the local jail after he had fasted 140 out of 150 days

losing 50 pounds. The physical stress of this fast triggered numerous recalls of

criminal actions solving several longterm

“unsolved” cases.Also recalling in detail

being subjected to the severe “influence”

by Nazi/CIA Dr Josef Mengele, thereby

becoming a dupe, a puppet, controlled by

the doctors associates.

Gunderson, Millar and D.E. McMahon interviewed Tscherneff for six hours regarding these “puzzle-fitting” recalls.

Gunderson concluded stating “I have been investigating crimes since the early 1950’s and this is the finest interview I have ever had”(complimenting Tscherneff’s excellent recall of the crimes and criminals.

* Aug 10, 2010


My name is Clooney

the world has gone looney

U North was like Monsanto

insane corruption must go

for the world as you’d like

the path be the General Strike

the murder of Sentients be the

greatest corruption

requiring from us a true interruption

looking to change it all

the Mother of All Boycotts

Be the Call

* Aug 10, 2010

the World is a Vampire

the World is a Vampire

Spiritual Battle set to Fire

Whale blood in the ocean

Earth blood on the Beach

change tactics so too motion

Truth to Power do SPEECH

the Bob Barker and Steve Irwin

their mission focus be clear

Cease Cetacean MURDER such sin

no Sentient to live in fear

are you able to park the car

can you boycott the sushi bar

the Sea Shepherd impressive indeed

so strengthen boycotting all greed

for if the Shepherd you see

now sharpen your own clarity

for every city every town

most restaurants draining blood

unto the ground

Vampires ingest both blood and flesh

California’s organic veggies most fresh

to save the whale so too the mouse

boycott any product

from the slaughterhouse


* Aug 10, 2010

Affidavit of Peter Alexander Tscherneff


Mumia Abu Jamal

[Nora Wilson gooden]

Officer Daniel Faulkner

Re: Mumia Abu Jamal, a.k.a. Wesley Cook, the alleged murderer of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner on December 9, 1981 in Philadelphia, PA.

I, Peter Alexander Tscherneff, hereby affirm and attest under penalty of perjury and the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If called upon to testify, I will testify as follows: furthermore I am willing to undergo a polygraph so that all is stated clearly and verified. (This alarming recall occurred to me approximately six months ago).

My address is 1081 3rd, Santa Rosa CA 95404. I can be reached at 707-396-8215 or 528-8211. I was born in Harrisburg PA on July 29, 1958, and raised by my parents. From age three to eighteen I lived at 2920 Rumson Drive, Harrisburg PA. (I am a mind-control victim of Nazi/CIA Dr. Josef Mengele). In the spring of 2003, while fasting and losing over 50 pounds in the Sonoma County, California jail, movies in my mind and life experiences began surfacing that I had never clearly recalled before. I began getting flashbacks that as a child, I was sexually abused by adults that caused me to suffer with multiple personalities, professionally known as dissociative identity disorder. Since 2003, several experiences have caused me to recall crimes that I have witnessed and/or been involved in. For example, while in the county jail, I recalled being used as a mind-controlled sex slave and also involved in kidnapping certain San Francisco Bay Area children with two other men. More recently, I recalled being with two “law enforcement” men, and the three of us traveled from Harrisburg, PA to Philadelphia on or about December 9, 1981. We traveled for the purpose of heroin deliveries to upscale parties and to deliver me, as a young male prostitute, for the entertainment and gratification of certain well to do clients. (Later, one of them was Dr. Maurice Wolin, an ocologist). (To comprehend how children are raised to be mind-controlled sex slaves and continue as adults, like I did, I refer you to former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura’s interview of Dr. Colin Ross, a psychiatrist who has written at least two books documenting and exposing these crimes and related subjects. One of them is Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists. After Ventura’s television series, “Conspiracy Theories,” was featured in 2009, his son was interviewed by radio talk show host, Alex Jones. When asked, Ventura’s son said the most shocking subject in the series, to his father, was the mind control interviews. One of them involved a CIA mind controlled assassin. Dr. Ross’ books and John DeCamp’s book expose the CIA’s creation of them). At one point during this all night excursion to Philadelphia, on or about December 9, 1981, the three of us travelled to one location and stopped, because these two officials met with other local law enforcement officers to secure the scene of an event soon to transpire. It is here that I witnessed the crime scene described by Arnold Beverly on that played itself out, with the “ambush” murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner occurring. This video testimony by Arnold Beverly, and his affidavit, are accurate. In it he testified and reported that he killed Faulkner. It was my understanding, due to the conversation of the two law enforcers I was accompanying that Mr. Cook was not only a pawn in this murder, but he was also a target of certain Philadelphia officers designed to either kill or forever incarcerate Cook. At the time, I had no idea who Faulkner and Cook were. Later I learned that Officer Faulkner was apparently too honest a cop for his own good, and Cook was evidently a thorn in the side of corrupt police. (Once I read a media report that 5% of the cops cause 80% of the crimes that give police a bad reputation. I believe that most cops are honest. Retired New York City Police Detective Serpico once said “10% of the cops are really good, 10% are really bad and 80% wish they were really good”. He  exposed NYPD corruption; a movie was made). The heroin we picked up earlier that evening in the Harrisburg East Mall at a pizza place called the Purple Cow was a drug operation that often had 50-100 pounds in its storage lockers at that location. For several years, the Purple Cow was a well known drug location, and I have an additional witness. It was soon thereafter, while I was attending a drug and sex “party” similar to those exposed by attorney John DeCamp in his book, The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska (DC and nationwide), where I was used as a sex slave in Philadelphia hosted by “higher-ups,” that I heard and witnessed future U.S. senator Arlen Specter state to a small group of men “That fucking Faulkner is gone, and that stupid nigger, Cook is cooked. (There was laughter, as he continued). It was the classic two birds with one stone. Reminds me kind of when old MacDonald bought the farm” (Since I was under mind control, it wasn’t until this year that I had this recall). Nearly a decade later I met retired Los Angeles FBI chief Ted Gunderson and he told me he was representing Army Special Forces/CIA Officer Jeffrey MacDonald. Dr. MacDonald was the head surgeon at the Special Forces Ft. Bragg, NC hospital. A couple of years after Gunderson retired with honors in 1979, he was approached by some of MacDonald’s friends, because Dr. MacDonald’s pregnant wife and their two young daughters had been murdered in their Ft. Bragg home, on the base. The military and FBI tried to frame Dr. MacDonald and blame it on him, after he had suffered approximately two dozen stab wounds and nearly died. Skin found under one of Mrs. MacDonald’s fingernails was stolen from the evidence room. Since Dr. MacDonald didn’t have any scratch marks on him, with DNA tests now available, no doubt the skin could prove the identity of one of the killers. What was the motive for murdering the MacDonalds? A January 1, 1973 Time magazine cover story states that drugs were smuggled to America in body cavities of dead U.S. Vietnam War GIs. It is our understanding that Dr. MacDonald had also been working in the ER of a civilian hospital on weekends and learned that many Ft. Bragg GIs were being taken to the ER, due to drug overdoses. He blew the whistle on the CIA’s heroin smuggling. Therefore dealers distributing the drugs to different states were upset that their drug supply had been cut off; so they attacked Dr. MacDonald and his family. Dr. MacDonald was not convicted for his family’s murders until several years after their murders. After Dr. MacDonald was convicted, Gunderson told Dr. MacDonald, if he ever suspected Dr. MacDonald was guilty, he would drop the case. Although Gunderson has not been paid for decades, he is still trying to help secure Dr. MacDonald’s release, 30 years later. Gunderson secured a video and signed confession from one of the murderers. (On several occassions, during the past six or more years, CNN’s “Larry King Live” has featured updates on Amerian POW Dr. MacDonald and reported many of the CIA/military/FBI/DoJ injustices and concealed truths about his case).

One of the law enforcers was from Harrisburg and the other man, I’m not sure. I had known the Harrisburg law enforcer, since I was approximately 12 years old and had already been with him dozens of times over the past 11 years. Therefore, if shown a 1970-81 photo line up with him in it, I could identify him and very possibly the second man, since I saw him more than once.

Wolin was caught on Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator,” but only got a home confinement sentence.

Peter Alexander Tscherneff   July 25, 2010

* Aug 9, 2010


Horse racing be the sport of kings

A spectacular contest excitement brings

The very same kings maintain all war

The same that sold their souls to the corporate store

Kings that disrespect their only mother

That more often than not slay their own brother

It all began as they began abusing the horse

And in so doing escalated discourse

The horse with such beauty and power and grace

Now so niggardly treated, a human disgrace

The horse oh so noble with royal power

The horse as most all sentients beaten down to cry and cower

The horse – a loving transport requiring neither gas nor oil

And yes it’s true neither does the Gulf once blue my blood be sure to boil

A horse was heard to whisper “Will you please just set us free

From the perils of racing and the slaughtering royal flesh factory?”

Everyone knows we love to ride

Almighty made us as well

Shall we united cease mammon’s spell and join to turn the tide

Come on all ready get off the fence

The Nation desperately needs some serious HORSE SENSE.

* Aug 1, 2010

The Stimulus at Work

If this reported information is true, isn’t this misappropriation of funds and bribery using public funds to a state funded institution by a public official as in nepotism?  Just a slight oversight of stimulus money spending.  How about an audit and a forensic accounting of this money going to the First Lady’s brother, Craig Robinson of Oregon State University via courier Undersecretary of Education Martha Kantner to Corvallis, Oregon with $17 million in stimulus money.  This is appalling and outrageous!


Some have said that the stimulus hasn’t saved any jobs, but here is a case where at least one job was saved. Oregon State University Athletic Director Bob DeCarolis was considering firing their basketball coach, Craig Robinson, after an 8-11 start (2-5  in the Pac 10 conference).

When word of this reached Washington,D.C., Undersecretary of Education Martha Kanter was dispatched to Corvallis with $17 million in stimulus money for the university. Craig Robinson’s job is safe for this year.

For those of you unfamiliar with Coach Robinson, he just so happens to be Michelle Obama’s brother. Just a coincidence I’m sure!

* Jul 31, 2010

Lunatic Fringe

Who speaks the truth on the Lunatic Binge

ya might get arrested being in the Fringe

prison or pharmaceutical drugs ???

the resulting “psych-eval” does hinge

like “Shutter Island” nazi shrinks

upon true freedom impinge

another truth and I’m not joking

MK Ultra requires the “mental challenged”

keep smoking

Trula LaCalle publicly denies the

ongoing programs of Ultra, MK

a professional con artist with

such bullshit sway

* Jul 29, 2010

Around the Globe

In the movie “Men in Black” the agent refers to the tabloids as the “Hot Sheets”

Besides which mainstream media takes their cues……….from the very same masters dispensing the blues……I’m talkin oppression n murder n greed so too war….

in America the Absurd on knees to the corporate store

SO CHECK OUT this weeks “GLOBE” verifying that Barry Santoro (google) aka B. Obama was born in Kenya……Incidentally and quite factually

the other yo-yo John McCain was born on the Panama Canal….rendering him ineligible to run for the office of president as well…just like Barry…..

NO KIDDING…follow thru w this suggestion…the GLOBE really is better reading and better “NEWS” reporting


* Jul 29, 2010

Actors Artists Musicians

Actors Artists Musicians

Spiritual Celestial Physicians

Powerful You Be Indeed

Almighty See Almighty Be

ceasing all this goddamn greed

providing info and a path

ceasing mammons’


and murderous wrath

Youtubes to View

“Rep. Dennis Kucinich grills Donald Rumsfeld”

“Cynthia McKinney grills Donald Rumsfeld”

“Transformation of America

retrospective from GNN”

(Gorilla News Network)

Please note that the highest profile Death Penalty case is that of Internationally known Politikal Prisoner from Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania…Mumia Abu Jamal…

and the documents and links you have been provided are quite powerful and STILL

seriously suppressed by a media and government owned by the International

Drug/Pharmaceutical/Banking Industry.

* Jul 29, 2010

Redwood Trees and the Death Penalty

Redwood Trees & Death Penalty

Just who be the characters under

the Great Redwood Trees

And Who will Be the One

puts them all to their knees ?

Let’s shed a bit more light

in the form of Clarity

As to the true nature

of the Death Penalty

who else embracing nazism

just like Karl Rove ?

such business be in abundance

at Bohemian Grove

Mind Kontrolling the masses

been accomplished quite well

Only the Spirit of Christ

which they long sought to heist

Be breaking this Spell

yes quite expert you be

in your service to mammon

controlling the dice w/

Satanials backgammon

America’s been owned by the

Vatican since 1984

yes we’re owned by Pedophile

Central and the corporate store

but the people don’t care

they be lovin their greed

and they will all be destroyed

as the animals bleed

pedophiles like the pope,Bush sr.,

Robert Byrd & Arlen Specter

have clearly been outed by

their victims

and “The Bullshit Detector”

Neither Obama or McCain

were born in the States

but their “masters” own the media

and that certainly rates

yes the media spinning the

yarn of the Mexican Exodus

while Michelle Obama arranges

for her brother a $17 million Stimulus

the Matrix is real and quite deadly indeed

the Nazi/Catholic Demon

forever children be reamin

a “Blood Cult” in service to greed

patriarchel simians ruling by

illusion and abuse

for the Goddess Be Arisen

to bust the chains of this prison

do you suppose I’m being obtuse ?

for I more than simply provide exposure

of usurist bankers the

architects of foreclosure

* Jul 26, 2010



I’m a legal American citizen and I must show my ID when:

1.  Pulled over by the police.

2.  Making purchases on my department store credit card.

3.  When I show up for a doctor’s appointment.

4.  When filling out a credit card or loan application.

5.  When applying for or renewing a driver’s license or passport.

6.  When applying for any kind of insurance.

7.  When filling out college applications.

8.  When donating blood.

9.  When obtaining certain prescription drugs.

10.  When making some debit purchases, especially if I’m out of state.

11. When collecting a boarding pass for airline or train travel.

I’m sure there are more instances, but the point is that we citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are nearly every day! Why should people in this country illegally, be exempt!!!!!

Why shouldn’t we guard our borders as closely as every other country in the world does?


Not everyone will send this on… Should be a 100%!  BET YOU’LL SEND IT!!!

I believe it’s time we stand up for what we believe!

If you agree, pass this on.  If not, delete.

* Jul 24, 2010


google Transformation of America

by Mark Phillips  and

Cathy O’Brien….then search google youtubes under same title

WHY ??? they speak truth and

name names…major well known names in regards to MK operations/murders/drugs

the same names I have spoken of as have many others……..big rich well known names that are certain they will never be held accountable…….

* Jul 24, 2010


Pen Be Mightier than the Sword

Overcoming the Untoward

when the media denies the truth

especially  with so much proof

join me in this Great Effort yes travel

they are scared the facts will unravel

* Jul 23, 2010

Alexandra Cousteau

Alexandra Cousteau

Here’s something all should know

We all need to do one thing

and that’s a fact

Universal Lovesong to Sing

embracing the new paradigm’s act

Accepting true love’s Resolution

Impacting Spiritual and Earthly pollution

for we say no more

to the corporate store

the Power of Pure Love

ends all war

Spiritual Power and Intimacy

found in the works of the

Blue Legacy

Alexandra the Goddess

yes truly Almighty’s Daughter

True Love to address

to Be walking on Water

* Jul 22, 2010

video testimony

yes you may view the NEW video affidavit

from the new Witness verifying the confession of the actual killer who has come forward years ago to clear Mumia Abu Jamal….there is tremendous pressure for this story to remain untold….dozens of media, major mainstream and internet have been contacted….only two minor media sources have taken this story….Jamal is out of appeals..scroll down to see the 2 affidavits….thank-you and plz let others know….peter

* Jul 22, 2010


Guilty of Love so Fierce

all illusions it will Pierce

* Jul 22, 2010

Tommy Castro

Tommy Castro

Glad you made it welcome to the show

California is the power I’m sure you know

My message today w/ my Blues and Rock

We’re all tired of abuse

so let’s cease the corporate clock

We’re more than tired of corruptions weather

so let’s go ahead and make some

Musik Together

for the Good Life of Musik and

gardens as we would like

Let’s give better than we’re gettin

with the General Strike

and just for your greater clarity

here’s a true story

about the Death Penalty

so on behalf of an Innocent man

let’s All embrace this

Almighty Plan

* Jul 19, 2010


Officer Daniel Faulkner was murdered by

corrupt, heroin dealing cops, protecting their MK Ultra “turf”….See the NEW WITNESS Testimony verifying the true


google this author Peter Tscherneff who

is also in fact the new witness to Jamal’s


Most cops are good cops. It is a fact that

5% of cops cause 80% of abuse upon the public nationwide.They are MK Ultra’S

positioned by NSA.Most cops don’t know this.

* Jul 19, 2010


MK Ultra (the Matrix) has always been funded by controlling the drug trade. The same Bush Sr,CIA run MK drug cartel was evident in Jamal’s case (HEROIN) also the

murder of Dr Jeffrey MacDonalds wife and

2 young daughters(for whistleblowing) and

so too Pat Tillman arranged “on the field execution” for “whistleblowing

* Jul 18, 2010

Johannes Mehserle

Johannes Mehserle

no one seeks to touch this with a 10 ft pole

MK Ultra the Matrix and this officers role

if he is guilty then we are guilty all

lest your Hearts be open to an Almighty Call

this here message be uniting both sides

yes each group

for Officer Mehserle was programmed

as an MK Ultra dupe

he was set up just like Oscar on the

platform that nite

an MK Matrix murder for an unawares

public to ignite

for the MK Ultra Matrix I promise you

is very real

designed to divide and conquer

by religions and deceptions they deal

catholic correctors long ago

altered the bible

google the Gospels of the Holy Twelve

it’s time for a revival

take a long look at how they

altered the book

designed to heist the True Spirit

of Christ

so who wants to continue as a

deceived silly sod

take a peak at what is seen

thru the Eyes of God

murder of an animal be equal

to the murder of a man

neither scenario does exist

in the Promised Land

Yes the very Place

Martin Luther King Saw

ringin a bell we’re stuck in hell

by denying Almighty’s Law

* Jul 15, 2010

Queen Maxine

Happy B-Day Queen Maxine

Indeed you do sparkle by some

majikal sheen

Happy Birthday to you Queen Maxine

simple words from my heart

I hope you don’t mind

truly I thank you for Being

exceedingly kind

impressive all agree hitting Eighty ONE

words are not enough gratitude

from a troublesome son

as One barely worthy

who would have guessed

to Be in Your prescence

is to Be Blessed

Love isn’t Love till you give it away

Good Lord Almighty

what more can I say

a talented sister and a

Royally adopting Mom

Happy Birthday Maxine

you’re truly the Bomb

* Jul 12, 2010

Mumia is innocent

Mumia Abu Jamal innocence

verified by a NEW WITNESS

verifying the youtube affidavit

of Arnold Beverly…now witness

the affidavit of Peter Tscherneff…………………..

* Jul 11, 2010

the talkin Rock

the talkin Rock

My true Warrior Sons and Daughters

Elevate NOW walkin across turbulant waters

present you Be for this spiritual quest

no doubt in my heart that you Be the best

you seek to clear the way for a

True Life of charms

most powerful indeed

cease these goddam factory farms

comprehending your true power

its quite impressive I warn ya

you Be the Kings and Queens

right here in California

for California leads

the rest of this nation

meaning we Be the Hand

that changes the station

the power Almighty Be us in Solidarity

the Mother of All Boycotts

shuts down even Washington DC

Yes we are the Power to

freezeframe the status quo

Bob Dylan once said

“the strongest arm stretches the bow”

play the cards we got no need to pass

be there available a sweet lovin

young lass ?

for I am Peter

King of Street Theatre

please Rise Now as ONE

joining us all as the Leader

in Loving service to Goddess Creator

truly truly as Liberator

* Jul 9, 2010


Captain Paul “Boycott it all, for in Almighty Creator’s

House we are obligated to protect all from

the Whale to the Mouse…and wait to see

the NEW Witness Affidavit 4 Mumia Jamal”

* Jul 9, 2010

Solid Rock Pillars

Solid Rock Pillars

Many Rock Musicians  truly been Pillars

whereas mainstream religion been killers

for a fierce angry love even while chillin

Masked and Anonymous w Master Bob Dylan

Rock to be played like your standin

on Granite

played louder than LOUD

Benchpressin this planet

Banksta Gangsta’s soon to understand

We rule by the Authority

of Almighty’s Command

* Jul 8, 2010

Almighty’s Universal Musicians


Be easy as fishin

if I were a Musician

In tune I say

with the Cosmic Physician

My song BE to change it all

Mother of All Boycotts

Be the Call

ceasing the industry

of flesh & blood

so too soldiers forever dying

in the sand and the mud


take off your disguise

no more alibis

or go to the slaughterhouse

and feel all their CRIES

the same cries heard when a

soldier son dead is brought home

your Musikal choice

Be the Promised Land

or that of old Rome

* Jul 8, 2010

whale wars


All you need is love

for true Rejoicing Beyond and Above

Speaking to a Love so very Fierce

absolutely all illusions to pierce

An Almighty Love for Animals All

the Mother of All Boycotts Be the Call

Free them all from the factory farms

For all Sentients to be granted

a true Life with charms

for the Promised Land attained

Be the Ultimate TREASURE

Requiring a courageous love

beyond any past measure

ALL ABOARD, joining Captain Paul

of reknown WHALE WARS

blood of Sentients empowers oppressors

of the corporate stores

We see all around us “insanity” in its throes

Creator’s Sentients crying as One


Lift up both your Heart and Hand

Opening the Doors to the Promised Land

* Jul 7, 2010


You’ve all been summoned by the very same dream

Through life in this minute on the bank of this stream

Arrived have we at this celestial moment

Warriors of spirit uniting Almighty’s component

We see all the wrongs, so too apathy’s sin

Awaiting this moment…point…click…now begin

Fulfill now the promise unto the Promised Land

For it be California and the time be at hand

The narrow path be thru the 40 Day Strike

Of school, labor, animal flesh and alcohol

Attaining True Love as we like.

* Jul 7, 2010


John Lennon, Gandhi, Jesus and King

Challenged the tyrants and made our hearts sing

They engaged the public and got them involved

They had to be stopped, lest corruption be solved

Yet people remember like the 5th of November

The 40 Day Strike and mammon’s surrender

Grabbing the reigns of Fate

Time we clear the Slate

The mother of all boycotts be the call

So says McCartney, oh yeah, Sir Paul

United unto the vegetarian path

Most powerful of all avoiding the wrath

For blood money indeed be the selling of animal flesh

Each start 3 gardens, veggies and greens most fresh

For blood money is greed we see at the usary bank

Using non-American Federal notes with interest in building tanks

For blood money be connected to everyone’s car

So too the spirits purchased at your bar

Now we’re all in place, ready set, now go

The California General Strike extricates mammon’s old status quo.

* Jul 5, 2010

An Almighty Message

An Almighty Message Beautiful Song

google this to hear a Beautiful Song

…google these words….

….(.Did Jesus approve of hunting? Deliberate Cruelty youtube…….)

* Jul 5, 2010

Oscar Grant

Scenario surrounding Oscar Grant

1) Grant was chosen long before that New Years nite to be murdered in the publics eye

2)truth is as strange as fiction….because he worked as a butcher….to foment tensions between white and black and so too against law enforcement

3)many of those who caused street destruction were not even from Oakland

and as surely that Mehserle is an MK Ultra dupe so too there will be those in the public sector(also MK dupes) that will seek to cause destruction

4)the Grant scenario is one of many psyops

generated “symptoms” of which there will be no end till people wake up to the fact that “the Least of Me” are the animals being slaughtered by the millions daily in America that fill your refridgerators….

and isn’t the “truth” the last thing a “blinded” populace ever acknowledges….

This TRUTH is the ULTIMATE example of violent history constantly perpetuating itself for lack of knowledge and furthermore

being maintained by religious serpents…

5)Almighty Love Be Fierce so as to Pierce

all mammons insane illusions………………

Free the animals and change it all

Disregard this fact and continue to fall

* Jul 4, 2010

Verification & Demonstration MK Ultra

Verification & Demonstration MK Ultra

from Harvard to Guantanamo

Dr. Colin Ross

“Spears in Tears” pop star Britney demonstrates a “multiple moment”


as for myself, Peter Tscherneff, an MK product of verifiable sorts, a recently recalled memory of being present in Philadelphia in 1981 and witnessing the following factual truth of the Mumia Abu Jamal case (google Arnold Beverly’s Confession on youtube)….or try ….will this be helpful?

* Jul 2, 2010



Did Oscar Grant leave behind a child? yes

Is an Almighty Love greater than all

pain and illusions ?                             yes

All things considered plus the fact

so many are w/o work, would initiating

a thousand gardens in Oakland make sense to you in honoring the life of all children?


Is there police abuse and corruption? yes

Are most cops honest and seeking

to do right by all?……………………………yes

Is Mumia Abu Jamal still on Death Row

and innocent of murder…………………..yes

Is this author, Peter Tscherneff (google)

a witness to the murder of Officer

Faulkner by Arnold Beverly(google)

and “not” by Mumia ?…………………….yes

Would the California Great General Strike

of labor/schools/animal flesh/alcohol for

40 days and 40 nites free Jamal and cease

corruption and greed??………………YES

* Jun 26, 2010

famous Vegans/Vegetarians

Famous Vegans/Vegetarians

*Cesar Chavez  *Coretta Scott King

*Gandhi          *Einstein

*Jesus (google “Gospels of the Holy Twelve

or “Jesus diet Essenes”)

*yes the Bible was rewrote specifically to maintain warfare and religious control of the people by serpent deceivers

*google famous Vegetarians

*make some tea and spend 22 minutes here with me and soon you’ll see you’ll wish to spend another 33….Peter

*Is it True that everyone you know is seriously upset w/ what is going on in America?

*Is there even one religious leader taking it to the streets like ML King ????

*Is our “servant” President acting as our servant or simply maintaining, even escalating the insanity where Bush left off????

*Yes I dare to offer the workable solution

and I invite you students to fulfill what Jesus said about your generation ” as the people who will do greater things than I”

*the politicians and religions will never do the right thing….besides, if MLK “SAW” the “Promised Land” then just where do you think we are ????? Honest persons well intended going into politics cannot achieve their ideals because the politikal animal is thoroughly corrupted….

* Jun 26, 2010


you heard the Voice so make your Choice

1) maintain the foolish status quo w/ all the politikal doublespeak w/ media deception

forever riding shotgun and religious serpents in the backseat…and change nothing while continuing to sink in quicksand

2)implement the STRIKE…..spend some time reading this site for comprehension

(truth does not require a fancy site and if you are a thinker,critically speaking, you will learn what they don’t want you to know)start your gardens, be kinder to the elderly and disabled….AND CHANGE IT ALL !!!!!!!

the Least of Me Be the Animals…as we do unto them we do unto ourselves….this is the major Key( what the mainstream serpent religions keep hidden so as to control populations,fortunes of war etc)

Is it true all religions by legal definitions are catergorized as NON-PROPHETS…

so who in their right mind goes to a non-prophet to learn about Creator Almighty

Be quite clear, there’s no room for fear…push has come to shove…..One way to Overcome by Almighty Love

* Jun 26, 2010

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

Never be reconciled

to chains and cages

True Spirit EnRages

thru the Ages




* Jun 24, 2010

July 4th Strike Begins

July 4th General Strike Begins

*cease all rent/mortgage payments

(ultimately harming only usurist bankers)

*cease all medical,home and car insurance


*cease any/all involvement w/ the animal flesh industry and any who sell it(dairy as well)

*cease the purchase of gasoline

*cease any aspect of alcohol involvement

*know this is the power of Almighty Love

flowing thru your Heart and Actions by

FREEZEFRAMING the god of greed


Till DC and the Vatican are on their knees

With all manner of Musik begin community dinners and the ten million gardens together with our formerly maligned migrant brothers and sisters

After the 40 DAY California Courageous

Action Faction has Authoritatively

conquered mammon…implement the 30-30

work plan, where-as all non-emergency County and City workers work HALFTIME

meaning half all workers work 4 weeks

then 4 weeks off….yes you’re making less but remember all the savings that remain permanent and now you enjoy your home,garden, families and friends

After 40 days all wineries will be organic

Half of ALL California grapes for free grapejuice for young children

Every second row of every winery will be gardened with veggies, herbs, greens and

flowers and the workers bounty be 90 %

Will this work? YES

Is California the MOST powerful State in the World? YES

Is this the Majikal, Mystikal hard earned Path thru FAITH that Opens the Doors to the Promised Land? YEEESSSSS !

Does this demonstrate that WE are First,Foremost and Solely serving Creator Almighty?  YES

* Jun 24, 2010

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

dust to dust

this old regime

be set to bust

all greed and corruption

by 40 day interuption

does falter and fall

the Mother of All Boycotts

Be NOW the Call

igniting Almighty’s Spiritual


California initiates

ten million new GARDENS

* Jun 24, 2010

Courage California Style

Courage California Style

yes 40 days seems like awhile

unless compared to 500 years

and now the world walks the trial of tears

and things are scheduled to get worse

sinking in quicksand be quite the curse

a nation so worried exhibiting fear

how long have they disregarded Leonard Peltier

the Mark of Freedom be his release from prison

the Great California 40 Day General Strike


knowing to Free all the Animals First

Truly Truly True Freedom We Thirst

* Jun 24, 2010

Courage of Christ

Courage of Christ

religions long sought to heist

We are here to do One thing

to be the Love Great Spirit Sings

to rise Above all illusions pain

to Be as One Almighty to Reign

All animals free Be Earthlings as us

Awaken True Hearts we’re on the bus

to cease the machine being mammon’s war

We General Strike the gears of the corporate store

Almighty Angels East West South

and North

the Great California General Strike

begins July 4th

* Jun 23, 2010

In Common

Are we “nuts”…completely bonkered

so blinded, divided and conquered

for all frustrations and confusions

amidst all Sataniels illusions

in a world quite insane

one of war and constant pain

those who seek their lives shall lose them

Animals be “the Least of Me” as men

viciously abuse them

the masses so easily manipulated

common sense long gone capitulated

Life is cheap like flavored dried

blood packets found in Top Ramen

Why agonize let’s Unite and Rise

by what we have in common

we we’re all granted Life

by our Creator

to remain as fools???

or BeCome Liberators

Over 500 amendments to the

California Constitution

now it feels we’re all on Death Row

awaaiting execution

just like fellow Earthlings

caged on factory farms

and every day more of us experiance

the terror of a life minus charms

we know the nature of polititions

giving head while lying in bed

with rich morticians

to all you viewers still on the fence

I am the consultant for


as foolishness abounds

I ask how this sounds

knowing the wheels of insanity maintains


so serve Creator as Liberator

as you’d LIKE

aside all fears shut down their gears



* Jun 20, 2010

Victory Outreach

Victory Outreach

many walks comprise Victory Outreach

foolish lessons they do teach

you’d think they’d be among the Arisen

for they know the path and life of prison

they deny yet wait for One to appease us

while all along denying Jesus

a church they call it with cement yards

gestapo mentality and security guards

my oh my what do they fear

as they continue refusing to free

Leonard Peltier

* Jun 20, 2010

Alex Jones and David Ickes

Alex Jones and David Ickes

such collusion and corruption…yikes

they’ll tell you anything you want to know

except how to change the status quo

they’ll disclose every type of conspiracy

except the path that sets us free

so here is something you should know

they are advanced agents of Cointel-pro

fancy websites and rhetoric crap

they spew baloney right out the tap

for if to the “powers” they were dangerous at all

a murder or “suicide” would have long been the call

they get their blessings from the pope

to maintain you all as confusions dope

for reptilians only concern be self survival

Freeing the Earth and animals be the True Revival

* Jun 18, 2010

Hanna Boys Ranch

Hanna Boys Ranch and Officer Mehserle…

Sonoma Developmental Center and Napa State Psychiatric Prison are all in Napa County and are all run by Nazi MK Ultra trained psychiatrists(watched “Shutter Island ????)

….Johannes Mehserle programmed as a child to be a killer….an MK program to foment tensions between Law Enforcement and the public is why Officer Tony Pirone

(Big Brother and handler of Mehserle)triggered Mehserle to shoot Oscar Grant…

Yes indeed…google Jesse Ventura’s interview of Dr Colin Ross regarding “Manchurian Candidate” and open your eyes…..the Hanna Boys Ranch has been

such a programming center for decades producing assassins and young boy prostitutes for the elites….with supporting cast prominent persons like Bob Burke,

John Francis Bihn, Jose Tamayo and yes the famous sausage maker Jimmy Dean…

additional Marin County supporters Don Dean (Oracle Group Home owner), Scott Stitham and Judge Michael Dufficy…

Raphael Donner “Thunder” of Berkeley Liberation Radio did a show on those listed above and was murdered for it back in 2006

Why is Sgt Jerry Lankford, child prostitute pimp and drug dealer so protected when even other SFPD file grievences…????

* Jun 18, 2010

Oprah…???Compassion for Molesters???

Oprah…???Compassion for Molesters???

McNeil Island on Puget Sound is home for hundreds of child molesters…indefinitely !!!

New laws have recently come into play for indefinite incarceration for molesters on behalf of society’s childrens safety and to most this sounds reasonable enough

At McNeil Island the public pays $165,000

per year for each resident molester !?!? you can search and review some intriguing interviews which apparently caused certain Government officials to cancel her show here in the Bay Area on June 16th ??!!??

Anyone can google “American Concentration Camps 2010”

There are many sites and clear verification that well over 800 fully loaded, ready to go

Concentration Camp style prisons(some of which are already staffed) are awaiting “clients”

Will “child molesters” be the 1st group to start filling these arenas ????

then who ??? migrants???? drug users??

the homeless???? those who owe the international usurists taxes???? the sick and elderly??? gays??? those refusing vaccines????….you ?

Former Chief of LA FBI Ted Gunderson, former Senator John DeCamp(Nebraska),

Former New York Detective Jim Rothstein,

and former CIA Operative Mark Phillips have all clearly revealed how very powerful

political/religious pedophile group perpetrators NEVER NEVER EVER get convicted of sex crimes….but the “run of the mill” perps are NOW essentially doing “life”… the men mentioned above..

Project Paperclip brought us MK Ultra and Project Monarch and yes so too Dr Josef Mengele(aka Dr Felix Polk,Dr Green, Dr Greenbaum) and Adolf Hitler.(you never saw a pic of Hitler “dead” in Germany did you ????????????????)

One of many MK longterm projects was the creating of multi-thousands of intentionally

“trauma based” multi-personalitied,sexually abused children programmed to be “Child molesters”…..this began in the late 1940’s in America and this is why hundreds of molesting catholic priests abused/programmed multi-thousands of youngsters(ages 3-8 are optimum) and got away virtually scott free for the last 60 years…..this Nazi/Catholic/CIA collaboration was/is designed to present America and the world the “Final Solution” so highly touted in Nazi Germany ….

After all why is it that DA Stephan Passalacqua(catholic) refused to arrest the local catholic bishop for aiding and abetting pedophile priests???? And why did MK Master Pedophile Programmer/child

murdering Dr Maurice Wolin(the most notoriously dangerous pedophile ever caught on MSNBC Dateline Predator Sting

2006 in Petaluma) receive a “sweetheart” from Passalacqua and Judge Wick for TWO MONTHS HOME CONFINEMENT….????

the Founding Fathers of America wrote up

the Constitution and Bill of Rights….KNOWING they would only be REALIZED in the FUTURE when AMERICANS AROSE to BLESS GOD by for once and All extinguishing “ALL” of mammons greed and Oppression….ceasing every facet of greeds corruption

Look at our “America” today….should we continue to wish and pray or OBEY !!!???!!!

the Least of Me be the animals stuffed and packaged in your fridge and the Blood of Our Earth Mother(oil) is flowing !!!!

* Jun 17, 2010

Connect The Dots

Connect the Dots

then Act upon your Spirit’s thoughts

Being supported from Beyond and Above

Turning Pain to Power by Almighty’s LOVE

once born into this world of illusion

watching oppressions pains profusion

Who more than I Be on the stage?

Be given direction so as to engage

those who seek to serve the Living Lord

ceasing pain and actions of those untoward

I am All Things My Spirit Sings

Almighty Action such change it Brings

who thinks it best to watch and wait

acquiescing your FreeWill

over to mammons fate

ignoring the obvious of Who you Be

An Almighty General Strike

geared to set us FREE

* Jun 17, 2010


the Willing Suspension of DisBelief

unto mammon maintains relief

for just how else might you explain

the overwhelming insanity’s deliverance

of 24/7 pain

we’ve been trained to laugh at

corrupt politicians

who’s primary ally be the quiet morticians

distorted lessons to millions of pigeons

forever fooled by mainstream religions

spectators love heroes like in BraveHeart

psychologically shackled spectators

refuse to START

you pay false taxes then go to work or school

as your god mammon demands you maintain

as Sataniels fool

you say you Believe cuz’ you go to church

to sing and pray and forever search

while in your Heart a message sings

Being Almighty I Be All Things

perhaps you’re lost regarding Freewill

Free the Least of Me Be

an Ultimate Spiritual Thrill

for the murder of animals maintains

all disasters

ingesting flesh and blood forever

serving two masters

* Jun 11, 2010

Almighty SEES

Almighty American Spirit

Peter Tscherneff(google) is my name

power of Love overwhelming corruption

by my game

In this nation gone quite insane

Almighty’s Spirit NOW to Reign

decades ago I lived a double life

cursed as the worst in corruptions strife

Long lost memories have come to LIGHT

so True Hearted Warriors may

finish the Fight

* Jun 11, 2010

Peggy Sue’s All American Road Warriors

Peggy Sue’s All American Road Warriors

You are all Being called forth

East,West,South and North

the Road Goes on Forever

and the Party never ends

who seeks to service mammon

what result this path portends

I say it loud so you can hear it

I’m calling for Almighty’s Spirit

Majestic Mechanics and American Vets

you’ve humped the distance

and flown our jets

RISE Almighty Majestic

the enemy be domestic

still dying in sand and mud

religious deception in spilling blood

Free all Earthlings from murderous cages

the Authority be mine so say

the greatest of sages

* Jun 11, 2010

Tony Hillerman “Officer Leaphorn solves the mystery”

Officer Leaphorn unveils the Corruption

by Tony Hillerman

the murder of Officer Faulkner was vengeance by corrupted cops

Officer Leaphorn solved the case by

pulling out the stops

they payed off Arnold Beverly for the

hit but another took the fall

an articulate instigating writer now

known as Mumia Abu Jamal

Pennsylvania’s current Governor be

“Fast n Fat” Eddie Rendell

corrupt from the word go,

representing the Cracked Liberty Bell

Well Leaphorn found a witness to

this crime

who’s writing the facts to you in rhyme

now Jamal’s attorney be another

lawyer a lyin

been repeatedly contacted by this witness

San Francisco’s Robert R Bryan

so pardon me for being crass

but will someone please just whip his ass

and make it public for all to see

that he cares not at all for his

clients plea

Leaphorn has proven that Green Beret Surgeon Jeffrey MacDonald and Leonard Peltier are innocent as well

Almighty’s All American Spirit NOW RISEN

to bust the Chains of corruptions prison

welding the Liberty Bell

* Jun 10, 2010

Dan Millman

Dan Millman The Peaceful Warriors Way

Be full of Love’s ACTION NOW to Play

for the BedRock of True Peace

All Earthling Sentient bloodshed to Cease

You Be the Warriors NOW LEAD

All facets addressed extinguishing greed

* Jun 10, 2010

Michael Ruppert

“I am Michael Ruppert undercover ex cop

there be one way this bullshit to stop….

there’s still many good cops but the systems corrupted….

Requiring correction so royally interrupted

the CIA murdered 3 cops in Oakland that day

and Mehserle will be found innocent I say

to foment street riots for cops to quell

only a United Boycott will break this spell

* Jun 10, 2010

Dead Cats Dead Dogs

Dead Cats Dead Dogs

Dead Cows Dead Hogs

into the grinder they go

sausage to feed the

status quo

full of deadly vaccines and rot

celophane packaged then bought

yeah who would have thought

delivering physical and social


the Almighty General Strike

Boycott’s the answer

then proceed with Ten Million

New Gardens

full of Music and Love

granting Spiritual Pardons

talk is cheap

True Sheep must go Deep

to go Deep means ever Higher

fuse lit Spiritual FIRE

* Jun 10, 2010

Eco Rally

Philosopher’s ROCK

you’ve heard about the philosophers Stone

America’s being pounded to the bone

Warriors to monkeywrench the corporate clock

Be Ye United unto the Philosophers ROCK

for the Eco Rally’s Call to Action

BeCome Ye NOW the Almighty Faction

the Promised Land long sought to gain

True Harmony requires removal

of any bloodstain

the Path of the Vegan Be Most

Powerful of All

the Mother of All Boycotts

We Agree Be the Call

cease all flesh and blood before your lips

so too any alcohol flow from your hips

Only then We Be Truly Standing upon Granite

Enabling True Warriors to BenchPress

the planet

I am All things the Spirit sings

the 40 day Strike True Freedom it Brings

Spiritual Warfare be far more than Fierce

Only Immaculate Hearts all illusions to Pierce

A Love so Fierce eliminating all Fear

the 40 Day Strike releases Jamal and Leonard Peltier

there’s no time to waste and no fence to sit

for We are the True Power

California’s the Shit

Religious serpents and cohort politicians

are no match for Royal Celestial Musicians

the 40 Day Strike of schools and labor

be the path avoiding wrath

in laying down the Sabre

Monkeywrench Monkeywrench

all True Hearts up off the Bench

every Pirate and Royal Wench

the King of Kings to serve the Queen

be lean be keen at times unseen

much more than just a cage to rattle

by Almighty’s Authority we finish the battle

for even in my sleep I hear the animals cry

Warriors answer unto the Most HIGH

cease the blood of the slaughterhouse floor

BeComing Almighty’s Lion to ROAR

* Jun 6, 2010

Mojo Rising

Mojo Rising

there’s a Mojo Rising

it’s on the Horizon

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Unto Almighty

We all Become True

Free the animals ONE

and ALL

the Mother of All Boycotts


Time to Claim California


no longer playing

as mammons elves

for We Be the Most Powerful State

extinguishing greed to Truly Rate

* Jun 4, 2010

Jill Ravitch for DA

Jill Ravitch for DA

We all say yes Jill for DA

“I’ll arrest the Bishop in a second

I say”

for the catholic pedophile patriarchy

Passalacque does serve

“I’ll serve the people for I’ve got the nerve”

the catholic church says that pedophiles

are gay

Actually 75% are straight statistically

demonstrated I say

Stephan refused to arrest the Bishop

because of blackmail fears

allowing more priests

who love not the Leasts

more access to the childrens ARREARS

then Sister Margaret McBride gets

ex-communicated for saving a life

tar and feathers for the pope and cardinals ex-communicating strife

* Jun 4, 2010

St Michael “Let’s Make a Deal”

St Michael “Let’s Make a Deal”

By the wild ride by Gay Pride

a Great Action to Heal

We make him the Governor

yes I say Michael Fiumara

So say I for I am


ceasing politikal corruption

by Almighty’s interruption

cease all legal miscarriage

make real NOW Gay Marriage

General Strike in Solidarity

for the New World’s Clarity

so too ending the death penalty

for both man and animals

in these factory farms

for Life to be BEAUTIFUL

requires True Love’s Charms

the 40 day Strike puts

Governor Fiumara in Sacramento

forget Peg or Poisener

or Moonbeam Demento

* Jun 4, 2010



Shekinah Be Spirit and yes I do hear it

greed and murder of animals together we

clear it

I am a Shebrew don’t call me a jew

I am the Superior Israelite

to the lowly hebrew

illusions profusion maintaining confusion

till now remained hidden but not in seclusion

I am Woman hear me roar

“Cease the gears to the corporate store”

free all Earthling Sentients to

a true life of Charm

the old model be busted

chains & cages long rusted

of the patriarchel factory farm

* Jun 4, 2010

JC Parody

JC Parody

99% of christians w/ no Spirit of Christ

religious deceivers delivered this heist

Boss Walker Boss Talker in regards to

mammons greed

blinded and heartless christians

refuse to take heed

they’ve maintained mammon by the

blade of the slaughterhouse bleed

true faith long lost of the famed

mustard seed

they drive by the homeless as they

drive dressed up for church

and pray empty prayers

for salvation they search

* Jun 4, 2010



shall we appreciate Creation

truly Almighty’s Libation

Celestially designed a Cosmic Brew

wowee zowee includes the likes of you

Life be granted and not by chance

to one and all at the big bug dance

We in the image of Creator

Being true love’s Generator

* Jun 3, 2010


Is Ra El

just exactly

who are you ?

I’m an Israeli

don’t call me a jew

a religious moniker

to stamp on your soul

psychologically imprinted

to mislead your goal

by the AshkeNAZI jews

still presenting false news

it pains you to think

but there’s so many clues

I am that I am a Spiritual Being

an Immaculate Heart provides

for True Seeing

* Jun 3, 2010

Swiss Watch

Swiss Watch

Precision and timing

read radical rhyming

revealing the truth

how much more proof ?

will you require

before getting higher

by Almighty’s Power

Rosebud to Flower

bored as spectator

BeCome NOW Liberator !

* Jun 3, 2010

Royal Oil my soul to boil

Royal Oil

Electric cars since 1904

fearful idiots quite the bore

you’ve watched and you’ve


for WHAT ???

your selfworth to be

outdated ???

spectators be granted

just what they’ve earned

sloth and greed

acknowledged and burned

fuck your fear

rise rose be risen

the General Strike

breaks the chains

of this prison

* Jun 3, 2010

AshkeNAZI Transformation

AshkeNAZI Transformation

so tell me”just who is a jew”?

tell me truly how bout you?

a child of Israel be a child

of the world

will True Freedoms NOW be unfurled

AshkeNAZI’s founded the Nazi Nation

the final solution long concealed on this blog revealed

what a clever Transformation

Nazi jews in the worldly governments abound

they the greedy rich have long ago put into play

the oppressive insanity perplexing the world today

there’s one solution and it’s a spiritual answer

to Free the True Hearted of this insane social cancer

for the patriarchel world cult of this nazi scheme

so long hidden by layers of illusion

for the masses to rheam

protected and supported by rabbis

priests and ministers of religions

fat and confident in their corruptive greed view you as but pigeons

California BE the Power thru the Great General Strike

40 days 40 nites attaining true Peace as we’d like

free the animals ONE and ALL

thereby freeing ourselves

Mother of All Boycotts be the call

* Jun 3, 2010

Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss

please know my writings be witnessed by

me 1st hand

and the General Strike frees us into the Promised Land

I in fact knew Heidler and Mengele as well

histories mysteries illusions I dispell

Nazism is a patriarchel parade

members of all powerful politikos and religions maintain your charade

who will you choose to believe???

those who forever unto you deceive???

come on are you familiar w Project Paperclip?

1,500 Nazis brought over by plane and ship

UC Berkeley and Stanford harbored most

remain blind by denial you’ll end up toast

CIA and the Mossad…well they don’t work for you

where lies the core of all war

yes animal murder by the corporate store

as the blind be recipients to a spiritual screw

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